Branch Out Neurological Foundation drives the development of tomorrow's treatment and care options
    for neurological disorders affecting 20% of the worlds population. By funding future neuroscientists
    through our grant program, we support scientifically valid investigation into holistic, traditional,
    and alternative treatments and modalities.
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About Us

Branch Out Neurological Foundation exists to help mitigate and eliminate the 600+ diseases of the nervous system that affect nearly 20% of the world's population! We’re doing it with an open mind by "branching out" to fund a new field of research we've dubbed neuroCAM (neuroscience + complementary and alternative modalities).

Your generous donations fund students and academics to engage in valid, peer-reviewed scientific research into traditional medicines and other forms of healing and preventative care not traditionally studied by Western medicine.

Just last year alone we raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars
for students and researchers working towards better treatments!


Our Mission

To prevent sickness and disability by funding qualified researchers to find ways to prevent, treat and cure neurological disorders through the use of neuroCAM.

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You can take part by simply donating or you can become active through our healthy fundraising events like the Branch Out snowshoe and bike tours.

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Your donations fund world-class research. Learn about some of the research we've funded to date or apply for one of our current grant opportunities.

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New Stories

Published Sep 14, 2016
Derek Bray and Crystal Phillips knock back some brewskies to celebrate a special batch of beer Last Best Brewery and Distillery is brewing to fundraise for a neuroscience research centre. Calgary's Last Best brews unique beer to fund neuroCAM research Calgary’s Last Best Brewery has partnered with the Branch Out...
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Published Sep 08, 2016
    "The Branchy Brew" A local, philanthropic creation by Last Best Brewery & Distillery  Last Best Brewery & Distillery has created a specialty beer just for Branch Out! And you're invited to try a sample (and get a behind the scenes look at the creation) during a media opp on Mon, Sept...
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