Are you Ready Boots? Start Walking! (for MS)



Walking. Pretty much all of us do it every day. For people afflicted with multiple sclerosis (MS), walking may be very difficult to accomplish. When their inflammation flares up, people with MS can experience crippling fatigue, which may make walking to the bathroom a chore. We know that physical activity can do great things for our brains, but this study is testing if low-intensity physical activity can make MS a walk in the park. 

The Scientists

Colleen Lacey, Undergraduate Student

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Principal Investigator:

Dr. Jodi Gawryluk

University of Victoria

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The Study:

This study is going to examine the effect of a mild exercise program (walking) on the disease impact of MS, including neuroimaging and cognitive testing. This study is also incorporating fit-bits as a way to monitor step-activity, allowing more realistic conclusions to be made.

The Goal:

To conduct a randomized-clinical trial to test the benefits of walking on MS patients. 

Amount Funded: $8,000

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