Believe it or not, people genuinely want to help, and be part of something amazing... which is YOU!

All participants are required to raise a minimum $250 by Thursday, June 15th, 2017 at midnight and are encouraged to go for the sweet fundraising swag!

Fundraising Goodies and Awards



    • Raise $500+ and you shall receive the fanciest, flashiest cycling socks
    • Raising $1,000+ means you'll be protecting your melon with a Giro Foray helmet 
    • Raise $5,000+ and you'll be a sporting a head-turning, custom cycling jersey

There are also prizes to be won and fame to be earned if you win Top Fundraiser or are part of the Top Fundraising Team!

Fundraising Help

Our Fundraising coach, Sarah King (raised over $140,000 in one year!), tips for you:

    1. Tell people what you’re doing!
    2. Tell them how you’re challenging yourself to bring awareness to a bigger cause. 
    3. Tell them what Branch Out is doing and how their contribution makes a difference.  

What's a donation worth?

$1,000       sends a Neuroscientist to a symposium anywhere in Canada, where they can collaborate with other researchers and share their findings.
$2,500       funds "Neuron Night", an event that brings together Neuroscientists, Health Practitioners, Donors and people affected by neurological disorders. An environment that breeds rich discussions on solutions to getting us closer to brains at their best!
$50        provides a full day worth of lab work for a summer student researching neuroCAM
$25        is enough for a test treatment of magnetic brain stimulation (potential in treating depression and physical rehabilitation)
$2          buys a round of EEG brain recordings. Let's make some squiggly lines, people!
$1          pays for a music biofeedback app to help research music's positive effects on Parkinson's disease or Autism. 

This just shows there is a benefit to any donation, no matter how small

Need more tips?

Make it personal – donating financially is a very feel-good activity for many people. Nobody wants to just send an e-mail.. target people.  “Hey – I was hoping you would support me for this awesome event I’m doing.  It’d be super swell if you could contribute $x to my efforts”.  Swell? What is this 1960?

Don’t forget – thank your donors! Give them an obnoxious hug, send them a card… mow their lawn… er… just show your appreciation for their support.

Need some help?  Reach out to us, we’re good at this!