For more specifics on the route, register on Strava, and search: "Branch Out Loop"

Getting down the mountain:

  • Begin in the Panorama Mountain Village Parking Lot
  • Follow Panorama Drive for approximately 1 km
  • Turn right at Tobey Creek Road and follow 20 km (turns into Panorama Drive)


Entering the town of Invermere (see map below):

  • Turn left on Borden Street
  • Turn right on 4th Ave
  • Turn left on Sifton Street
  • Turn right on 3rd Ave
  • Turn left on Laurier St (turns into Athalmer Road)


Getting onto Highway 95 (the “front side” of the lake)

  • Turn right onto the Kootenay Highway 95 and follow for 26 km
  • Look for Rest Stop #1 (20 km) on the right hand side of the road at the Lion’s Club


Getting onto Westside Road (the “back side” of the lake)

  • Turn right on Westside Road and follow for 33 km
  • Watch for Rest Stop #2 (50 km) on left located at the Hoodoo Nature Trust parking lot
  • Watch for a delightful surprise on the right hand side of Westside Road


Re-entering the town of Invermere

  • Westside turns into 13 Ave. Follow for 3 km
  • Turn right on 10th Street and follow for 1 km
  • Turn left on 10th Ave (by the Hospital) and follow for less than 1 km
  • Turn right on 4th Street (corner of Sobey’s)
  • Turn left onto 7th Ave (front of Sobey’s) which turns into 3rd Street. Follow for less than 1 km
  • Turn right onto 3rd Avenue and stop at Rest Stop #3 (80 km finish) at James Chabot Beach. 
    • Note: If you are doing the 160km route, Rest Stop #3 is optional. If you do not want to stop, go straight through the intersection for your second lap around Lake Windermere.  

Finishing the last 20 km (Aux Sables’ King and Queen of the Hill Challenge)

  • Head straight on 3rd Avenue
  • Turn left onto Sifton Street
  • Turn right onto 4th Avenue
  • Turn left on Borden Street
  • Turn right onto Panorama Drive (Tobey Creek Rd.)
  • Turn right on Panorama Drive and follow for 20km (turns into Tobey Creek Rd)
  • Turn left at Panorama Drive and follow 1 km to the 100 km Finish Line

*Signage on ride day will clearly identify bike tour route and all stops. Watch for our BOBman logo and bright blue arrows!

Our Bike Tour Google Map is available here.