Safety & Liability

General Safety Tips:

  • Riders MUST wear a helmet at all times during the ride
  • Riders are required to bring a bicycle in proper working condition, a tune-up is recommended but not required
  • It is recommended that riders bring their own repair equipment (see what to bring) and know how to use it, although support vehicles will be present to provide assistance.
  • Personal electronic devices, such as ipods and cell phones, are NOT permitted to be used while riding your bicycle.
  • Stay hydrated! Water will be provided at 25km, 50km, and 80km rest stops. Riders should bring a water bottle or two for hydration during the ride.

On the Road:

  • The roads will NOT be closed during the event. All riders must share the road with traffic and ride safely at all times.
  • Follow and pay close attention to all traffic signs. The Branch Out Bike Tour route will be clearly marked with signs indicating the route.
  • Tobey Creek Rd (to and from Panorama) is a winding road with blind corners. Ride cautiously and in control at all times and watch for traffic.
  • Highway 93 can be very busy during this time of year. Riders should ride single file on the shoulder.
  • Watch for cattle guards on Westside Rd. these are marked, however be aware that they are present.
  • When passing: Shoulder check, announce your approach, and pass on the left of the rider you are overtaking.
  • When turning or stopping: indicate your intentions. Be familiar with common road hand signals. It is common to point in the intended direction of your turn. When stopping, face your palm backwards with your arm at a 90 degree angle to alert other riders. 
  • When traveling in front of other cyclists, alert them to possible hazards such as gravel and pot holes. It is common to point at the hazard with your index finger to indicate it to the riders behind.
  • When repairing your bicycle, stay well off the road. Flag down the support vehicle if necessary, these vehicles can add protection and make riders more visible to motorists. 

Branch Out Bike Tour Waiver & Liability Release Form:

Download and print the waiver & liability release form here