Branch Out Bike Tour News

June 14, 2017

Can you believe it!? The Bike Tour is only a few days away! All of the pedal pushing you have been doing at YYC Bike Nights and Peloton Cycling is about to pay off!

Here are a few things you need to know:


The drive from Calgary to Panorama is about 3.5 hours. Want more information on how to get there? Check out Panorama Mountain Resort’s website here for directions, road reports and more.



STEP 1: Check in at Panorama Mountain Resort @ Central Check In
If you are staying at the resort, remember to stop at the Central Check-in desk to get your room key and drop off your bags.

STEP 2: Bike Tour Check In @ Outdoor Tent
Takes place in the outdoor tent by the Great Hall located in the Ski Tip Lodge on Friday, June 16 from 5 - 10pm. We will host late check-in on Saturday morning from 7 - 9am in the Copper Crown room. The first wave of riders will kick off at 8am.

Want to blast through check-in? Bring a signed waiver, ensure your $250 fundraising minimum has been met, and complete all of your pledge forms for offline donations (cash and checks). Note: Offline pledge forms are only for donors that require a tax receipt.

STEP 3: Store Your Bike @ Copper Crown Room
You will need to get your bike plate from check-in before heading to Bike Storage at the Copper Crown. If you need help with your bike, the Specialized and Bow Cycle crew will help you in the tent. 

STEP 4: RELAX @ T-Bar & Grill (or Panorama's hot tubs)



You’ll need to confirm whether you’ll be riding 80, 100 or 160km at check-in. For more details on the route, click here.


Additional banquet tickets are available here. (Click “join as an individual” and then select the “banquet only” option for $50.) Registration closes tonight at 11:59pm MST. 



This year we will be hosting a silent auction AND live auction. We have TONS of prizes that you could win this year! All of the potential prizes and details are listed on the website here. We will accept cash and credit.


Post a picture using #BranchyBikeTour and be entered to win the social media contest. Photos will be selected based on photography/editing skill, moment captured and written caption. Make sure you post your photos by 7:30pm on Saturday!

Want more information on what to pack, safety tips, schedule, and more? Make sure you review your attendee info package and check out all of the information listed on the website!


See you FRIDAY!  



May 17, 2017

It seems like just yesterday that you put your Branch Out Bike Tour registration on your Christmas list and now it is only ONE MONTH AWAY! 

We can't help but be inspired by our Branchy Crew! That's why we're sharing how one of our committee members began sharing her personal story, announcing our newest e-trike rider, and marking your calendars with the latest Branch Out segment on Breakfast Television!

Knock your fundraising goal out of the park!

Want your fundraising game to be soo good that you become IMPOSSIBLE to say no to? 

Here are some tips to help you become a TOP FUNDRAISER!
  1. SEND ONE MESSAGE! It all starts with one email, phone call or text message. As soon as you hear that first "HECK YES!" your fundraising adrenaline will start pumping.
  2. GET CREATIVE! Does your company have a corporate giving program? They might do half the work for you by MATCHING your donations dollar-for-dollar. 
  3. SHARE YOUR STORY! You may wonder if people will resonate with what you have been through but, we assure you, someone will. It all starts with having a few key supporters to help you spread your message.
  4. HAVE THE CAUSE TOP OF MIND! Always have your "why" top of mind. What are you trying to accomplish? Whether you have been affected directly or not, you have the power to show others how they can make a difference. 


After losing her mom to a rare neurological disease, Leslie McMillan joined the Branch Out Bike Tour Committee and raised over $14,000

Leslie lost her mom to a rare neurological disease three years ago. She felt so helpless as her mom suffered from a disease without a cure and with very little research to help her understand how the disease would progress. Hesitant to speak out, Leslie was encouraged to send just one email to friends and family sharing her story. As the donations began to pour in, Leslie started to feel like she was truly able to make a difference for those suffering from neurological disorders. 

If you want to check out Leslie's fundraising page for inspiration, click HERE

Meet Brandon, our newest electronic trike rider!

brandonharrison-2.jpgAfter suffering four strokes, Brandon Harrison will ride an e-trike for 20km in support of Branch Out

Brandon's health struggle began when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Although he has since been diagnosed as "cancer free" the surgery has caused several complications. After experiencing four strokes, one of which occurred while he was longboarding across Canada to raise money for the cause, he will join us at the Bike Tour to ride 20km on one of our electronic trikes. 

Check out Brandon's fundraising page HERE.

Branch Out to be featured on Breakfast Television THIS Friday 

Tune-in to Breakfast Television at 8:40am on Friday, May 19 to hear how Bike Tour participants Brandon Harrison, Leslie McMillan and Claire McMillan are taking matters into their own hands to make a huge impact on those suffering from neurological disorders. 


Don't want to ride? Sign-up to volunteer! Click "register now" and select "join as an individual" and then select "volunteer". Learn more HERE.


May 4, 2017

We have been notified that some participants have been having trouble logging in to their fundraising pages. 


You can also access your personal fundraising page from the Branch Out Bike Tour homepage

Want to check out your competition for Top Fundraiser? Click here


April 2017

We hope your neurons are firing with thoughts of the Bike Tour! Here are a few things you can do this month to get your Branchy brains buzzing with excitement. 


Step 1: Hit the Spin Bike at Peloton Cycling TONIGHT at 8:00pm (and every Thursday until Bike Tour)

Whether you like to check out every rest stop along the 80km route, or love the loop around the lake SO much that you want to do the 160km ride... training is always more fun with friends! Peloton Cycling is offering 5 class spin passes for $50, donating 50% of the proceeds to Branch Out.


*Make sure you are logged out of your MINDBODY account before clicking the link. 

Step 2: Introducing the Trio... Biking, Beer & Branchies

Have you been missing those Last Best Branchy Brews after Monday Night Bike Nights? Have no fear! The Branchy Brew #2 (Whitbier) is here! 

Grab your friends for YYC Bike Night and join us for the Branchy Brew launch on Monday, April 24 at 7:00pm at Last Best Brewing & Distilling.    



Step 3: Fundraise Your Way to a FREE Branchy Giro Helmet.

We have set a fundraising goal of $500,000 for this year's Branch Out Bike Tour because over 20% of the world's population suffers from neurological disorders. You can help! Grab your friends, and get them to register NOW and start fundraising to win the $1,000 prize, a Giro Helmet!


Step 4: Get Inspired!

Want to learn more about Branch Out and get inspired!? Check out the CBC We Are Canada feature on Branch Out.

 March 2017

Round up your crew for this year's Branch Out Bike Tour! Should anyone dare ask you what’s so great about the Bike Tour… we've prepared enough reasons to turn that shoulder shrug into a YAAAAASSSS.  

Doing good has never been more fun. If there’s one thing no one can deny, it’s that Branchies know how to have a good time! Picture this:

Friday. You kick off the weekend by handing in your hard-earned fundraising dollars, pick up your prize (will you be this year’s top fundraiser!?) and settle in for a beer at T-Bar.

Saturday. You finish a fun and rewarding 80-180km Bike Tour and head straight for the hot tubs at Panorama. Later on, you dance the night away and find out how you helped us take a HUGE step towards creating a world free of neurological disorders. 


Nothing says quality time like team bike rides! Whether you’re into matching riding suits, or dressing up as your favourite Mario Kart racing characters, make this Bike Tour one to remember by doing it with friends!


Forget about that bad experience with energy gels! Last year we added a special candy stop to keep riders from bonking on the final stretch to the 80km mark. Don't forget to indulge other great treats like Gerry's Gelati and Wild Tea Kombucha along the way!


Love it so much you want to do it again? Bike the 160km route this year! Some of you keeners have been doing a second lap around Lake Windermere for years, but this year we are making it OFFICIAL. We know those biking legs are itching for a long ride.  


Pass this email on to recruit your Bike Tour Crew in a jiffy! Join us June 16-18 at the Panorama Mountain Resort.


 February 2017

The 7th annual Branch Out Bike Tour is only 4 months away! We just finished hosting the Branch Out Snowshoe Tour at Fallentimber Meadery – check out the pictures here – and now we are in FULL Bike Tour mode!

A 500-person bike tour doesn’t magically happen overnight! That’s why we have our top-notch, passionate, bike loving super crew, AKA the Branch Out Bike Tour organizing committee, to lead the charge!

Meet the Bike Tour Committee:


Crystal Phillips, Marketing Lead

What better person to have as our marketing lead than Crystal Phillips, Branch Out's Executive Director! We can’t help be but inspired by her story and each and every move she makes. If she can’t show you why this year’s Bike Tour is a must-attend event for all Branchy bikers, then no one can! 


Sarah King, Sponsorship Lead

Although frustratingly modest about her accomplishments, we all know the truth! Sarah is a long-time Branch Out ambassador, top fundraiser, hard-core biker and philanthropy enthusiast. We’ve never met someone so excited about biking and we can’t wait for her to spread her vibe! 


Jenn Delconte, Event Coordinator

Jenn is our all-star event coordinator. You may have seen her bubbly smiling face at Bike Tour last year (literally everywhere). We still haven’t solved the mystery of how she manages to be in so many places in one day!


Gina Sea, Volunteer Coordinator

Just like the sea, Gina is cool, calm and collected. That’s why we couldn’t think of a better person to manage our awesome crew of over 50 volunteers that come out to support us every year!


Danielle Torrie, Registration & Banquet Coordinator

From start to finish, Danielle is determined to make this year’s Bike Tour a killer experience. She’ll be counting your fundraising dollars and handing out sweet swag to all you top fundraisers! You’ll also see her at the banquet charming you into buying raffle tickets! 


Vanessa Mertz, Route Logistics Coordinator

You can find Vanessa blazing a new and adventurous trail on the mountain bike paths (or on any path) which is why she will be your route logistics guru! She knows exactly what you want and need to have a super fun and safe Bike Tour! 


Leslie McMillan, Silent Auction Coordinator

Leslie brings heaps of passion for Branch Out’s mission to the team. We can’t wait for her to organize our silent auction, a huge fundraising component at the Bike Tour! Have an awesome item to donate? Leslie is your gal! 

More committee members to come!

Haven’t registered? You don’t want to miss out on another amazing Bike Tour family reunion! Join our bubbly Bike Tour crew on June 17 in Panorama!


 January 2017

Happy New Year from BOBman and the Bike Tour team!

Now that we have given a brain wave to 2016 to ring in the new year, we are pedalling full speed ahead toward the Branch Out Bike Tour on Saturday, June 17th.

Don’t want to ride solo? Now is the time to start thinking about your Bike Tour Fundraising Team! As the corpus callosum would say to the left and right hemispheres, “We need to work together!”

Want to show off your team spirit? Grab your tutus, old Halloween costumes and flashiest tracksuits because what’s more fun than dressing up with friends!? (You could also win the award for Best Dressed!)

Now make like a neuron and show us your action potential! Round up your crew and start your fundraising team to make 2017’s Bike Tour the best yet.

Get started NOW! Forward this email to a friend and register today!

Click here to register right now


December 2016

BOBman wants to know if you’re naughty or nice! Just kidding, we know you’re nice. That’s how we know you’ve already marked your calendars with 2017’s Branch Out Bike Tour, right!?

Pssst… it’s June 17.

While Grandma and Aunt Mildred are putting the finishing touches on your knitted mittens, we're in the lab concocting all sorts of ideas on how those Kringle coins could be put to good use!

Christmas is creeping up fast and we have the PERFECT gift in mind. It’s a no-brainer! Show your friends and family that you lobe them and get them their Branch Out Bike Tour Registration. Save your fundraising $$ and register your whole crew by January 1!

Wishing you the best holiday season filled with training plans, brain waves, and good times!

Want to save $15? Early bird registration ends January 1, 2017.

Register for the Bike Tour right now!

November 2016

Ho Ho Hold the phone... Christmas is only 5 weeks away?! Colouring books are SO last season, so why not Branch Out from your regular wish list…

We have ambitious New Year’s resolutions and we need your help! We’re blazing a trail to raise $100,000 at the Branch Out Bike Tour! We think you have ambitious resolutions too… spend more time with family, exercise more, and GIVE BACK! So why not check off all three!?

You know you're “So hard to buy for”... *insert eye roll* So make it easy, just this once. What do I really want for Christmas? My Branch Out Bike Tour registration!

Can’t wait to register? There’s no better time to ask friends and family to help you reach your goal to fundraise for sweet, sweet swag!

Take advantage of early bird pricing and get registered by January 1, 2017.

Jingle BELLS we're excited. Just as the neuron would say to the glial cell, “Thanks for the support!”

Register for the Bike Tour right now!

October 2016

Calling all cycling babes... yes, we're talking to YOU! Word on the street is we have the 411 on what's goin' down at Branch Out Bike Tour 2017, and it's hitting your inbox right NOW!

We couldn't hold it in any longer...


Wait, what??? You got it: our brain child has been hard at work putting everything together for the event and we're just so excited, we had to round up the troops. We have so much in store for you, it's going to blow your mind!

Fun surprises, new sponsors, and an exciting new special secret route... it's all going down on JUNE 17, 2017! Block those calendars, and do yourself a favour by registering NOW!


More Questions? Have a look around the registration page for all sorts of brain stimulating facts!