Could your Protein Shake help your Stroke?



When a loved one suffers a stroke, there is a very good chance they could be a different person compared to before the stroke. Whether the damaged area of the brain causes a person to have a hair-trigger temper, takes away their ability to speak their mind, or impair their ability to walk to the store to get cheese without getting lost, the goal of treatment is to bring back the person to where they were before the stroke. Thankfully, our brains have the amazing ability to heal themselves though neuroplasticity. While neuroplasticity can only undo so much damage to the brain, what if a protein shake could help it undo a little more?  

The Scientists

Miriam Robak, Undergraduate Student

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Principal Investigator:

Dr. Phyllis Paterson

University of Sasketchewan

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The Study:

While strokes are best known for damaging the brain, they also interrupt people’s nutrition. These changes could impact the recovery following a stroke, highlighting the importance of nutrition in this critical period. This study is using a rat model of stroke to look at how protein-energy lacking diets impact recovery.

The Goal:

To test the effectiveness of protein-rich and lacking diets on stroke recovery. 

Amount Funded: $8,000

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