NeuroCAM Connect

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The path to a world free of neurological disorders involves lots of research, and these research projects need people in their studies. Did you know that one of the most common delays in a research study is a lack of participants? You can help limit this barrier to neuroCAM research by participating in studies.  

Some neurological and mental health conditions are challenging groups of people to recruit for studies, so if you or someone you know sounds like they might be eligible for a study, please direct them here. Many studies offer a form of free treatment as part of the participation (the neuroCAM being studied), and some studies even pay you to participate! 

Don't have a brain disorder? Don't worry! Many studies need to research neuroCAM principles in healthy people before they can be used on patients.  And what better way to learn about brain health than to be a part of the process? This is your chance to meet neuroscientists and learn about how the brain works right from the experts. 




Browse through the studies below and help support our goal of getting brains at their best!