We Fund Groundbreaking Research

Our Grant Program is at the heart of Branch Out. Every time you donate we are able to fund more world class research into a field of neuroscience that we've dubbed neuroCAM the exploration of complementary and alternative modalities at the intersections of psychology and physiology. It is here, where the mind and body transect and interact, that holistic approaches may make great strides in future understandings. Beyond treatment with pharmaceutical solutions, for which there is plenty of promising ongoing research projects, we believe that additional promise lies in the expert study of the interconnectedness and interplay of mind and body.

To date we've funded numerous research projects that might make a serious difference in the lives of those impacted by the world's 600+ neurological disorders. You can view some of the innovative projects we've funded below.

Got any questions about where your donations go or if your project is eligible for grant funding? Check out our Research FAQ page.

Research Projects Funded by Branch Out