The effect of transcranial brain stimulation on reading abilities and their neural correlates in people with aphasia

Student: Grace Lee

Type of Project: Basic, Translational, Mind and Body, Clinical Trial

Grant Type: Undergraduate

Year of Award: 2016

Supervisor: Dr. Esther Kim

Institutions: University of Alberta

Background: Reading difficulties are common with people with aphasia (a neurological condition where language ability is impaired). The neural processing of language through reading has associated brainwaves and people with aphasia show abnormalities in these brainwaves. This study seeks to explore if transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) either alone, or in conjunction with a reading therapy is effective in reducing the impairments in aphasia.

Results: This is project is currently underway.

Impact: This study will further expand our understanding of language difficulties, while testing a non-invasive intervention (tDCS) as a way to improve these difficulties.