• Branch Out Bike Tour is BACK!
    Join us from June 17 - 19, 2022 as we sweat for #BrainsAtTheirBest!
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  • We have a new Executive Director!
    Jam Michael McDonald is a community builder
    bringing new energy and enthusiasm to Branch Out!
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  • Participate in NeuroCAM Research!
    Exercise is good for brain health, but can it accelerate concussion recovery?
    Help our researchers find out!
    Participate in a Calgary-based NeuroCAM research study
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  • Need Funding?
    Calling all Undergrad, Masters and Ph.D. students exploring
    alternative and tech solutions to neurological disorders!
    For questions e-mail Ty McKinney, Research Director at
    [email protected]
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  • Does my Brain Say it's Safe
    to Play Sports Again?
    Chris' research focuses on developing non-invasive brain scans to
    diagnose concussions so that kids can return to playing sports when
    they are ready without the risk of repeated concussions.
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  • Are you Ready Boots?
    Start Walking! (for MS)
    This study is going to examine the effect of a mild exercise
    program (walking) on the disease impact of MS, including
    neuroimaging and cognitive testing.
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  • We are Canada
    Featuring Crystal Phillips and
    the Branch Out Neurological
    Help shape Canada's next 150 years

About Us

The Branch Out Neurological Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in Calgary, Canada. We accelerate tech solutions and non-pharmaceutical approaches to neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Autism, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Concussion, Epilepsy, etc. Through our grant program, we provide funding for researchers across Canada.

Our vision? A world free from neurological disorders.

We fund research that fits into the rigorous NeuroCAM (Neuroscience + Complementary & Alternative Modalities) criteria. All research proposals are reviewed by our Scientific Review Panel to ensure it meets the highest quality of research methods and scientific measures. Since 2010, we’ve raised nearly $3 million for alternative brain research, funded over one hundred and fourteen (114) research projects, and have expanded our University Grant Program across Canada.  

We've raised nearly $3 million dollars
towards innovative tech and non-pharma solutions to neurological disorders!


Our Mission

To accelerate tech and non-pharmaceutical solutions to neurological disorders and mental health conditions.

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You can support by donating or taking part in our mega fun events like the Branch Out Bike Tour.

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Your donations fund world-class research. Learn more about the research we've funded or apply for a research grant.

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New Stories

Published Oct 01, 2021
We're thrilled the Branch Out Bike Tour returns June 17 – 19, 2022!   The Branch Out Bike Tour has always been more than a cycling event. It's a momentous weekend that brings together the Branch Out community. It's an opportunity to join forces and celebrate advancing technologies and alternative solutions to neurological disorders. We’re looking for the next...
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Published Sep 27, 2021
Our new Executive Director, Jam Michael McDonald, is a storytelling and marketing pro! He has over a decade of experience in the innovation space and effecting change on both a national and international level.   
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