Dear Mom, Love Marco


Many Mom's have supported and inspired Branch Out along the way. Their strength and ability to focus on what they CAN do is a powerful lesson in dealing with a neurological disorder. Marco Ianuzzi is a Grey Cup Champion, 2x Ivy League Champion, CJFL National Champion, 3x undefeated High School Champion, need we say more!? After his mom was diagnosed with MS, she instilled values like this, leading him to elite academic and athletic performance.

Below is a letter from Marco to his mom. Happy Mommy day all you incredible mom's out there!!


Letter from Marco: 

Dear Mom,

The very first memory that I have is of us playing ball hockey in our backyard. I remember I had to get up on to my tippy toes to check out the window every day until the snow melted enough for us to play. Two yellow sticks and an orange ball, I can still picture it in my head… Flash forward a year and I remember checking for the snow to melt, and when it finally did I grabbed the two yellow sticks and the orange ball and I called for you to come out. At this time, your MS was starting to affect your balance and I remember that you slowly made your way out to the porch and sat down. Then, you said something to me that I have kept with me my entire life: “Even though I can’t play hockey with you today, I will watch, because I get a great sense of joy from watching you play hockey or any other sport you enjoy playing”. From that day on, when I was on any court, track, arena or field I was always playing knowing that you were up in the stands watching me play and that I was bringing you a sense of joy. It was my drive in minor sports, through my NCAA competition at Harvard and over the past six years as a professional athlete. Thank you for inspiring me to become a champion.

Happy Mothers Day

Marco Iannuzzi

Marco Climbing the Calgary Tower with the Grey Cup to raise funds for Neurological Disorders