A Sensory Spectacle!

Another successful Branch Out event for the books.  Our second annual 'Your Brain on Art' raised over $80,000!

A gathering of great minds at YYC's newest creative hub, Contemporary Calgary.

Your Brain on Art is an immersive journey of the colliding worlds of art and science.  Guests were treated to brainy presentations, a dramatic art show, live music, AND a surprise music performance by rising Canadian indie band, Reuben & The Dark.  Our goal was to 'edutain' guests and have them learn something more about their brain and the vast world of alternative neurological research.  

Neuroscientists and artists collaborated on 'neuroscienc-y' works of art.  Together, they helped us raise $22,000 during the lively art auction.

In a captivating and moving performance, The Lily String Quartet and Reuben & the Dark demonstrated how music can affect the brain and helped us raise an additional $34,000Watch the video!  If you're interested in learning how music affects the brain, check out Ty the Neuro Guy's latest blog post

"$80,000 raised for alternative neurological research!" 

We are grateful for our Branchy presenters, artists, volunteers, donors, and generous sponsors.  We also cannot thank the organizing committee enough for their passion.  

A delicious collaboration made by 'bad portrait' artist Mandy Stobo and Cochu Chocolatier!

Our incredible Branch Out funded neuroscientists creatively translating their research.

Members of the Organizing Committee celebrating another successful Your Brain on Art.