PRESS RELEASE: Always Looking Up


On May 5th 2016, Crystal Phillips will be climbing Edworthy Hill to celebrate her 7th year drug-free and relapse-free from multiple sclerosis. 

An episode of MS changed Crystal’s life, altering the course of her career as a high performance speed skater. With sheer determination and commitment to a holistic recovery approach, her health has improved significantly. She is now the co-founder and Executive Director of the Branch Out Neurological Foundation. 

May 5th is an important milestone for Crystal and Edworthy Hill is symbolic on many levels. “This hill represents my elite athlete days, I’ve ran many hill sprints here, often to the point of puking! Since my competitive days, I’m still drawn to this hill as it represents an attitude of “always looking up”. This attitude is the reason my health is thriving despite a diagnosis with a debilitating disease. Being able to run the unforgiving climb represents turning an obstacle into a winnable challenge.” 

Join us for this symbolic and inspiring event. Crystal and her friends will be ready to go at 630am on May 5th at the bottom of the hill. Coffee and cookies will be served following the climb. 



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