Alzheimers turns loved ones into strangers



Check out these radio spots from our latest Alzheimer’s awareness campaign! To simulate the effects of Alzheimer’s, we handed out free long distance calling cards on Family Day for people to phone friends and family. What the callers didn’t realize was that their call routed through a modulated VoIP phone server which distorted their voice to make them unrecognizable to the person they were calling. With their permission, some of these conversations are featured in 60 second radio spots that will air across the country! 


Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that causes cognitive ability and memory to deteriorate, including memories of friends and family. We wanted people to experience first-hand how it can turn loved ones into strangers to help spread awareness. The disease is one of many neurological disorders that we fund research towards. As always, our mission is to help get brains back to their best!

Alzheimers is one of over 600 neurological disorders that the Branch Out Foundation is funding research for. Together, we can help get brains back to their best!