April LEAFlet: Bike Tour Countdown and More Branchy Goodness

Bike Tour Countdown! 73 Days To Go!

Bikes, Beers, Battlestar Galactica (Battlestar Galactica not guaranteed).

 The clock is ticking to the Branch Out Bike Tour and training is starting to get serious. $5 spin classes at Peloton Cycling are already in full swing, running every Thursday at 8pm.

But the spin class really addresses only half the event. Sure there’s 80 or 100k of riding at Branch Out, but there’s also beer drinking! And that’s why we’re introducing our other great training event: Last Best Bike Night!

Last Best Brewery & Specialized  are teaming up for the perfect Branch Out training… It’s pretty simple, there’s only four steps:

  1. Ride your bike
  2. Drink Last Best Brewery beer
  3. Hang out with rad people
  4. Repeat every Monday

Want to learn more? It’s all HERE


Rust Busted!

King Dylan gave a royal performance at the Rust Busta Alumni Speed Skating Reunion.

Branch Out went retro with this throwback event - an alumni speed skating race! Executive Director Crystal Phillips used to skate pretty speedily around the Olympic Oval… what better reason to sharpen the ol’ blades than in the name of charity?

26 other former left-turn artists also took the ice, raising $2600 in the process! A few highlights from the event:

  • 7 cheery volunteers!
  • Top Fundraiser and “most experienced” former skater: Tony Meibock ($600)
  • Fastest Time: Phil Riopel (36.05)
  • Best Dressed: Tory Ansuwan
  • Olympic Oval Finale Record: Biggest crowd in the history of the weekend! Easily 200 people were out to watch!



Luck Be a Lady

21 Years of Calgary Corporate Challenge means they’re really letting loose, with a cribbage tourney!

Knitting, vitamins… cribbage. What’s old is cool again as the Calgary Corporate Challenge is bringing back their extremely popular Cribbage Tournament! Throw on some elastic-waistband pants, grab a meal from Swiss Chalet, then settle in for some heart-stopping basic math and gaming!

25% of registration fees go to Branch Out for the April 26th event. Register today so you don’t miss out. It’s all going down at the Laugh Shop on Blackfoot and fires up right after the evening news (6:30pm).


Glial Guy: Alec Janssens

Alec worked as a Disney Prince for 3 years at Tokyo Disneyland until the sushi diet wore him out.

He’s taller than a juvenile Velvet Ash, faster than an English Whippet and more gracious than an indebted spare bedroom guest. He’s Alec Janssens and he has a strong history with the Branch Out Neurological Foundation.

Alec was a major player at the Branch Out SnowShoe tour back in February, getting Without Papers Pizza as a sponsor and delivering it all day with a smile under his distinguished moustache. He also helped spearhead the creation of the Rust Busta fundraiser, sharing in all the duties that go into organizing a big event like that!

While all those feats are impressive, the main reason Alec is month’s Glial Guy is because of his moustache, or rather, his former moustache.

For $100, Alec shaved his very large, very french-looking moustache, poured it in a shot and drank it. Wow.

For dedication to Branch Out so extreme it actually made me gag, Alec is this month’s Glial Guy. Congrats Alec!


Last Month's Brainwave

Last month’s Brainwaves winner was two-time winner Allie Jenkins. He correctly guessed b) “Keirin” is a track cycling event that utilizes a motorized bike to bump the last place rider off the track

In honour of Branch Out Bike tour registration opening, here is a question about cycling. Which of the following statements is NOT true:
a)    2012 Olympic bronze medalist and 2011 track cycling omnium World Champion Tara Whitten is also a PhD neuroscientist at the University of Alberta
b)    “Keirin” is a track cycling event that utilizes a motorized bike to bump the last place rider off the track
c)    Dunlop tires were invented in the 1800’s by a veterinarian
d)   Cyclist and speed skater Clara Hughes is the only athlete to win multiple medals in both the summer and winter Olympic Games. She also rode in Branch Out Executive Director Crystal Phillips first MS bike fundraiser.



This Month's Brainwave

In honour of the Calgary Corporate Challenge Cribbage Tournament in support of Branch Out, here is a question about cribbage. Which of the following statements is NOT true:

a)    It’s impossible to score “15” in a hand of cribbage
b)    The most possible points in a hand is 29
c)    The player who deals first wins 55 - 60% of the time
d)   Any hand that contains a 5 will score at least 2 points