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December LEAFlet: Come Chill With The Flames!



Flames say MS is lames!

Top three things ever to happen in the NHL:

  1. NHL ’94 created for SNES & Sega Genesis
  2. Disney’s “The Mighty Ducks” is released
  3. MS On Ice goes down on December 17th, 2016

That’s right, Branch Out has partnered up with the Calgary Flames for MS On Ice. We’re partying to put an end to MS and the best part is all the players and coaches HAVE to hang out with us regular people! 50% (!) of the proceeds will be going to Branch Out so we’d love to get a whole bunch of Branchies in attendance.

Details? Who needs ‘em! The only detail you need is knowing you will be just a few feet away from Sean Monahan! Just kidding:

WHERE: Flames Central
DRESS: Semi-formal, dress nice with a touch of ice!
WHEN: Saturday, Dec 17th. Doors @ 6pm, performance @ 8pm!
WHAT: appies from six top restaurants, OPEN BAR DUDES!, live music performance, conversation with NHL gods


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Branch Out's First Ever Podcast!

 Check out Branch Out's first ever podcast! 

Crystal Phillips is a former team Canada Speed Skater who fell short of her Olympic dream when she was struck with Multiple Sclerosis at the young age of 16. She used the drive and tenacity required to be an elite athlete to co-found the Branch Out Neurological Foundation. To date, they have fundraised over $2 million.

   Watch the video here


November LEAFlet: Brilliant Branchies Win Big!

Neuron Night Knowledge Translation Winners! 

Branch Out’s annual Neuron Night is an evening for our grant recipients to show off their research to us non-scientists. This year, the challenge was to explain smart science in words even us laypeople can understand – we called it a “Neuron Night Knowledge Translation Contest.”

Over 150 attendees got to judge neuroCAM scientists on their research AND their ability to explain it. BIG Congrats to the top three neuroCAM scientists!

1st Place – Erik Fraunberger
Master’s student from University of Calgary researching the effect of Black Tea Extracts in Traumatic Brain Injury.

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October LEAFlet: Beer, Brains & Bikes — BOO YAH!

Autumn’s Amber Ale!

The charity that got its start thanks to a beer now gets a beer of its own!

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Calgary's Last Best brews unique beer to fund MS research

Derek Bray and Crystal Phillips knock back some brewskies to celebrate a special batch of beer Last Best Brewery and Distillery is brewing to fundraise for a neuroscience research centre.

Calgary's Last Best brews unique beer to fund neuroCAM research

Calgary’s Last Best Brewery has partnered with the Branch Out Neurological Foundation to create a specialty batch of beer that will be on tap at Last Best until 2020. One dollar from each sale will go to Branch Out to help them build a new research centre.

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MEDIA INVITE_Branchy Brewing



"The Branchy Brew"

A local, philanthropic creation by Last Best Brewery & Distillery 

Last Best Brewery & Distillery has created a specialty beer just for Branch Out! And you're invited to try a sample (and get a behind the scenes look at the creation) during a media opp on Mon, Sept 12 at 11am at Last Best Brewery and Distillery. Once this batch is ready, the beer will be on tap until 2020 and $1 from each sale will go to Branch Out.

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September LEAFlet: More Events Than You Could Shake A Branch At!

Branch Out Parties With The Calgary Flames!

It’ll be a slam dunk! I mean… it’ll be a home run! Shoot, umm... It’ll be a great goal!

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Branch Out Brain Buster

The brain bustin’ in this challenge is palpable



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More Than A Race

There is no greater feeling than riding your bike—feeling the wind on your face as you soar through stunning Alberta landscapes as your legs relentlessly push you to your final destination.


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July LEAFlet: Branchies Biking By the Barrel-Full!

Branchies Biking By the Barrel-Full!

400+ Branches rarin’ to go!

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