BOBMan Bulletin - Final Bike Tour Challenges Go LIVE!

Branchies, we're excited to announce the final Climbduro Challenges for the 10th Annual Branch Out Bike Tour

As our partner for this year's Bike Tour, Climbduro is an app that offers cyclists easy-to-use digital maps to track your rides.  Download the app, search for the rides, and get rollin'!  The Climbduro bonus?  You'll earn additional funds for Branch Out on top of your personal fundraising.

The three (3) final challenges go live on Saturday, August 1.   




Create Your Unique Ride

Does a casual Sunday cruise sound like a nice idea?  Using an app not your thang?  NO PROBLEM! 

Let's not over complicate things.  Simply make up your own ride!  Whether you ride 10KM or 100KM, ride for an hour or all day, it's entirely up to you.

Step 1: Pick a date between now and August 31st to complete your ride.

Step 2: Let your friends and family know about your plans and invite them to support you with a donation on your personal fundraising page.

Step 3: Ride your ride, solo or with friends and show off your biking and brain supporting accomplishments on social (#BikingForBrains)!

However you choose to ride, know that you are helping to accelerate tech and non-pharma solutions to neurological disorders like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and many others. 

The 2020 Virtual Bike Tour Ends on August 31st, 2020

Fundraising Incentive Prizes

As always, we're offering Fundraising Incentive Prizes for our Bike Tour riders.  Since it's our 10th Annual year, we wanted to treat our Branchies to something a little extra special!  You have until August 31st, 2020, to reach your fundraising goals for the 2020 Branch Out Bike Tour.

Raise $500 - Happy Camper Mug

Raise $1,000 - Carhartt Beanie

Raise $3,000 - Heavyknit Crew  

Slick Cycle Gear

Want to be the baddest Branchy biker on the road? Our Branch Out Bike Tour cycle jerseys are available on our online store until August 31!   

Create a Castelli login/password to view the 2020 BOB Shop.

Happy riding!  Be sure to tag @BranchOutNF or use the hashtag #BikingForBrain to share your ride.

If you have questions, please email [email protected]