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Branch Out has been offering lunch and learn sessions (aka 'Brainwaves') for many years now, and our list of topics keeps growing! Typically held over the lunch break hour, these sessions introduce you to some leading research in the neuroscience field, featuring projects funded by the Branch Out Neurological Foundation.

We've partnered with 8 Bit Cortex to develop and present the Brainwaves.


Choose from a selection of exciting and relevant research topics in the field of neuroscience, learn from a budding neuroscientist or two, and leave just a bit smarter! Topics available to choose from:

The Adolescent Brain and the Impact of Social Media
Social media notifications give us a little hit of dopamine, but what does that mean for our overall brain health? This Brainwave will help you understand these implications and further explore what it means for adolescents, including some strategies for how to mitigate the risk of social media for our teenagers and kids.

ADHD and Entrepreneurship 
Why do twice as many students with ADHD go on to pursue entrepreneurship? At this Brainwave, you will learn about how the cognitive challenges experienced by people with ADHD can actually be superpowers when these people go to start up their own businesses.

Anxiety and Burnout 
While anxiety is a normal emotion that we will all inevitably experience, burnout can be avoided. At this Brainwave, learn some brainhacks for managing both burnout and anxiety to achieve optimal mental wellness.

Breathing for your Brain
Your breath is a powerful tool to unlock your brain's full potential. At this Brainwave, Dr. Ty "the Neuroguy" McKinney explains the neuroscience of breathwork and Lola Shanks from Status Flow Breath and Life Coaching provides exercises to experience these brain hacks for yourself.

Depression: Cold of the Brain 
When depression strikes, quality of life and productivity suffer. This Brainwave will help you understand why we experience depression and develop a strategy for managing when (not if) it happens on your team. 

Early Life Trauma and Brain Health
The first several years of our life are critical for brain development. At this brainwave, learn about the impact of early childhood adversity and a framework for providing the support these people need to live their best lives.

Our Brain on Sleep
Recovery is a crucial component of brain health, and the best kind of recovery is our sleep. At this Brainwave, learn about how sleep impacts both physical and mental health, featuring research funded by Branch Out.

Psychedelics: the Next Frontier of Mental Health Treatment
There is growing support for the use of psychedelic-based compounds as effective treatments for a wide variety of mental health conditions. At this Brainwave, learn about some Branch Out-funded research on this topic before it was cool on how psychedelics could help people overcome challenges with addiction.

Personalities and Neurodiversity 
There is strength in diversity, but only if you understand the people on your team who think differently thank you. This interactive Brainwave teaches you about your own strengths and how to complement the strengths of other people on your team. 

Trauma-Informed Neuroscience of Substance Abuse and Addiction
This Brainwave is designed to promote empathy and understanding around the role of trauma in substance abuse and addiction. Attendees will learn about substance use can be a coping mechanism for ADHD, anxiety, and depression, as well as how neuroscience can help us support these people towards recovery.

Why Giving is Good for your Brain
Everyone loves to receive gifts and support, but did you know that your brain gets benefits from the act of giving as well? At this brainwave, learn why charitable activities improve your mental health for both you and your community.


In order to continue funding leading research into neurological conditions, and to cover the administrative cost of delivering the Brainwaves, Branch Out charges a $1000.00 fee per session. If this fee is a barrier for smaller organizations or other non-profits, please send us an email at [email protected] and we can discuss other options.

There is no minimum or maximum number of guests that may attend.


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