Branch Out Bike Tour 2014



Top Fundraiser:
Carli Tyson ($6,300)

Top Team Fundraiser: 
Pedal For Parkinson's - The Fillo Family 

Most Outrageously Dressed: 
John Reid, Dan Reid & Scott Kirnbaur 
(Bobsled Mandem)

Top Volunteers: 
Mandy Ediger
Aryn Flette

Above & Beyond: 
Louis Gonzalez



Participants: 360  
Funds raised: $175,000
Fastest Rider up the Hill: 0:38:00  
Fastest Rider 2:53:00
54% Female
46% Male
75% Climbed the final 20K
Fastest Rider: 2:53:00  
Average Age: 35  



Photo Gallery