December LEAFlet: Come Chill With The Flames!



Flames say MS is lames!

Top three things ever to happen in the NHL:

  1. NHL ’94 created for SNES & Sega Genesis
  2. Disney’s “The Mighty Ducks” is released
  3. MS On Ice goes down on December 17th, 2016

That’s right, Branch Out has partnered up with the Calgary Flames for MS On Ice. We’re partying to put an end to MS and the best part is all the players and coaches HAVE to hang out with us regular people! 50% (!) of the proceeds will be going to Branch Out so we’d love to get a whole bunch of Branchies in attendance.

Details? Who needs ‘em! The only detail you need is knowing you will be just a few feet away from Sean Monahan! Just kidding:

WHERE: Flames Central
DRESS: Semi-formal, dress nice with a touch of ice!
WHEN: Saturday, Dec 17th. Doors @ 6pm, performance @ 8pm!
WHAT: appies from six top restaurants, OPEN BAR DUDES!, live music performance, conversation with NHL gods



You know the old saying “first to signup beats the lineup!”

If you think BOSS and BOB are characters from a poorly made PBS kids show, you’d be wrong! They’re actually Branch Out’s two biggest fundraisers: Branch Out Snow Shoe (BOSS) and Branch Out Bike (BOB) tour.

What’s cool this year is that both are open for early registration! You can sign up right now and even start fundraising!

HOT TIP: ask for a donation to your registration fee or fundraising for Christmas! You and ‘Santa’ both come out winners!

XTRA HOT TIP: Use this video to help with donations!

Visit our full events page here!


Glial Gal of the Month: Anna Smith

Anna’s a real 10 outta 10, every time! 

Smith may be the most common surname in Canada but finding a Smith as sweet as Anna is a much bigger challenge!

Anna works at INLIV and plays a major role in throwing the “Train the Trainer” fundraiser for Branch Out each year. In the past two years, over $40,000 has gone straight to Branch Out!

Besides leading the charge on fundraising, Anna is quite a connector… like a keystone in an arch, conjunction in a sentence, or scarf that really ties an outfit together. She’s been the catalyst to creating some incredible partnerships for Branch Out.

Finally, she was the banquet coordinator for the 2016 BOB (best banquet yet!) and is keen to take on the Volunteer Coordinator position for 2017!
For being the trunk that ties a whole bunch of limbs together for Branch Out, Anna is our Glial Gal of The Month!


Last Month's Brainwave

A ketogenic diet is made up of foods high in which macronutrient?

a) Protein
b) Fat
c) Carbohydrates
d) Water

Unfortunately, no one submitted an answer to last month’s Brainwave. That makes me a sad panda. But maybe this month!


December's Brainwave

Is Harvey wearing a fedora in this pic?

In recognition of a big event with the Flames coming up, let’s do a Flames-themed question!

What year was Harvey the Hound introduced as the Flames team mascot?

a) 1980
b) 1983
c) 1988
d) 1993