March 2017 LEAFlet: Branch Out Snowshoe... Success!

Woohoo! What a day! 


Look closely and you can see a snowshoe hare

The third annual Branch Out Snowshoe Tour was the best one yet! 111 participants, 20 dogs, and nearly $40,000 raised! We even got a few celebrities out and about, including Olympic Champion Michelle Cameron Coulter, Olympian Emily Baadsvik, members of the Calgary Stampeders, and Mrs. Laureen Harper!

 Big thank you to all the participants, volunteers, sponsors, fundraisers, donors, etc! Special shout out to Fallentimber Meadery, Redwood Meadows Emergency Services, Catalystica, and INLIV!

What would keep us s'myelin if is you tell us how we did.


C'mon Quizmaster! Let's see your skills!

No slurpees will be involved

Are you the person that hangs in the office kitchen telling everyone about how many coffee beans it takes to brew a cup (70)? Or what Kevin Costner’s hat size is (7 3/8)? Or who invented canned dog food (James Spratt, an electrician)?

Well your useless facts have now become useful! Branch Out is teaming up with Calgary Corporate Challenge for a trivia event! Part of the proceeds will be going to Branch Out.

Sound like fun? You’re darn right it does! Play as an individual or get a team of 4 together!


It's getting closer...

This picture is from our 'edgy' collection

Listen! Hear that? Yes, there’s a bit of a buzz already about Branch Out Bike Tour 2017. With 500 spots, it will be our biggest one yet! 500 people riding bikes, eating Gerry’s gelato, chillin’ in hot tubs, dancing the night away…. Heck of a weekend and no foolin’!

Go ahead and REGISTER!


Undergraduate Grant Application - Now Closed!


We'll pay you to look through this and learn stuff

Branch Out’s Undergrad Summer Studentship Grant is now closed. We received 33 applicants in total from University of Calgary, University of Alberta, University of Lethbridge University of Saskatchewan and, for the first time, University of Victoria!

Grant recipients will be announced in May.

Glial Gal of the Month: Hailey Casper


Looks like RayBan just found their new model!  

Performing a forward 3 ½ somersault tuck from a springboard requires nerves of steel and crazy focus. That calm, cool and collected energy is what former national dive team member Hailey Casper brings to Branch Out.

She’s made quite a splash in her short time volunteering with Branch Out. Hailey was instrumental in facilitating a partnership between Branch Out and Lululemon, and she dove headfirst into her role on the Branch Out Snowshoe committee.

Best of all, she’s a great writer – inventing neuro puns that I wish I’d thought of. All in all, we’re flipping excited to have her on the team.

For seeking out a great partnership, supporting the BOSS tour and enjoying great puns (see above), Hailey is our glial gal of the month!

February’s Brainwave

February is often as cold as the worst two words associated with a slurpee: BRAIN FREEZE! (Also known as sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia). So this month’s question is: which Canadian city has held the record of Slurpee Capital of the World for 16 straight years? (FYI: Calgary finished second last year) 

A)    Red Deer, AB

B)    Regina, SK

C)    Prince George, BC

D)    Winnipeg, MB

Congrats to Allie Jenkins-Bennett King for correctly answering D) Winnipeg, MB!

P.S. You also win a Neurons are Neat card. Way to go!

March’s Brainwave

In 2016, Branch Out turned 6 years old and raised over $400,000 towards research into neurological disorders and has raised $2-Million to-date. How much did Branch Out raise in 2010, it’s first year?

a)    $25,000

b)    $35,000

c)    $45,000

d)    $55,000