Effect of Broccoli Extract as an Infantile Neuroprotion Agent

Type of project: Translational, Nutraceutical

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jerome Yager

Institutions Affiliated: University of Alberta

Students: Ann-Marie Przyslupski (Masters), Ori Scott (UGRAD)

Awards funded to project: 2

Background: Sulforaphane is a key nutrient in broccoli that may have potential neuroprotection properties. This study explores the possibility of Sulforaphane as a preventative measure to help newborns in the case of hypoxic-ischemic brain damage, a type or stroke that can be experienced during childbirth.

Findings: The first funded project developed a method to extract the Sulforaphane from broccoli so that a more efficient method of administration could be utilized. A follow up study used this same extract more directly in a rat model of infantile stroke and found it to be effective.

Implications: This project demonstrates the possibility that naturally occurring substances can have therapeutic effects. It also highlights how repeatedly funded studies can produce greater results despite setbacks in early stages of the project.