CCC 2020

Calgary Corporate Challenge brings together 160 Calgary companies (that’s over 10,000 people!) to face off like Olympians.  It's sixteen days of competitions focusing on fun, teamwork and networking.  

Calgary Corporate Challenge's annual Charity Challenge gives companies a chance to promote philanthropy and goodwill by supporting local charity partners. Each charity outlines a series of "Giving Opportunities" that allow teams to interact in meaningful ways based on their needs.  Since 2006, CCC has raised over $7.7 million through the Charity Challenge and other charity-focused initiatives.


1 in 3 Canadians is directly impacted by a neurological disorder. With over 600 neurological disorders, there is both a desire and a need for alternative treatments. Branch Out accelerates tech and non-pharmaceutical solutions to neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Autism, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Concussion, Epilepsy etc. Through our grant program, we provide funding for researchers across Canada.

1. Give Awareness

Book a Brainbuster: Back by popular demand! Schedule a 1-hour Lunch N' Learn (10-25 attendees) between April 1-August 31 with one of Branch Out's neuroscientists. Learn more about the brain and some super cool science! These Lunch N' Learns are provided by donation.

2. Give Goods (2 options)

Option 1: $75+ experience gift card to be auctioned at our largest annual fundraiser, the Branch Out Bike Tour (e.g. Spa Package)
Option 2: A cumulative total of $75 in gift cards to coffee shops or restaurants. Branch Out requires A LOT of help from volunteers. Help us thank generous volunteers and committee members by buying them coffee or dinner!
For example: 5 x $15 Starbucks gift cards, or 3 x $25 Earl's gift cards


3. Give Back (2 options)

Option 1: Register for the Branch Out Bike Tour.  Spend a weekend in the mountains for a great cause on June 12-14!
Note: You can volunteer or sign up as a corporate team or individual rider. Enter promo code
CCCBOB2020 for a special discount!
Option 2: Participate in the CCC x Branch Out Off-Season Brain Freeze Trivia Event


4. Give Funds

Fund-A-Need: Donate $250 to support one of these specific needs.  Mail or drop off cheques to [#400 119 14 Street NW] or donate online HERE.

  1. A brain-computer interface to let a child with Cerebral Palsy play video games with their brain
  2. The antibodies used in a study to manage inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis patients
  3. A 1-hour brain scan
  4. The fee to submit a NeuroCAM study to a top-tier journal
  5. The lab rats used to explore how the ketogenic diet can benefit epilepsy


5. Give More

Sponsor a Master's Research Project: Donate $2000 and select a research project to support that most resonates with your organization:

  1. Using Non-Invasive, Magnetic Brain Simulation to Mitigate Depression
  2. The Effects of Exercise on Depression
  3. Can Music Help Individuals with Parkinson's Walk Better?
  4. Can a Ketogenic Diet Speed Up Stroke Recovery?
  5. Does Weed Actually Help with Stress in the Brain?


For more information and/or to book opportunities, email Meagan McKenzie ( - Subject Line: CCC 2020