Medical Meditation 


Study Description:

Medical Meditation is an App (both iOS and Android) with a series of different meditation recordings specifically designed to tackle certain medical challenges people may face, ranging from pain management and weight loss, to depression and sleep issues. 

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This study is also specifically seeking people with Multiple Sclerosis to develop meditations focused on the challenges these patients face. If you are interested in participating in the development of this part of the app, please contact Nikhil for more information at: [email protected] 


  Mind and Body


  Personalized Medicine


Disorders Helped:


Inclusion Criteria:

Everyone can participate; its a free tool

Exclusion Criteria:

Everyone can participate; its a free tool

Age Range:



Channel your body's inner healing capacity to lay the seeds for medical recovery



Study Location and Contact Information:

Address: Its online!

Co-ordinator: Dr. Nikhil Joshi


Email: [email protected] 


Time Commitment:

Each meditation is 10 minutes or less! For best results, make a daily habit of meditating on different topics.