healthy lives matter!

I started working with Branch Out Foundation as soon as I heard the founder, Crystal Phillips, inspiring story. 

Now as Branch Out's resident neck-beard webmaster nerd guru I get to have a hoot building out interactive features and strategizing on how to get Branch Out's online supporters coming back. I really love doing it and what makes it better is the cause it supports.

Branch Out's approach to engagement is also important to me. Before I was a web dweeb, I was documentarian and photographer. I worked my butt off promoting photographs and a film I made with communities displaced by a hydroelectric dam in Ghana. I wish I had a team of people like those I work with from Branch Out when I started that. They manage to keep the engagement levels high though their insanely fun events like the Branch Out Bike Tour and Branch Out Snowshoe Tour, along with smaller events though out the year.

Now it is your turn to help me help them. I was insanely busy leading up to this year's Bike Tour that I'm volunteering at and didn't set up a pledge page on the separate Bike Tour site. As consolation I've changed my profile page here to act as a fundraising hub. 

I'm going to cycle 100km to support neuroscience research to help better understand and mitigate the impacts of MS, Parkinson's, epilepsy, and more. Help me raise $500 by the end of the month and I'll match it!

Devin Tepleski

Devin Tepleski