The Effect of N-acetylcysteine in Mitigating the Impact of Oxidative Stress in Hemorrhagic Stroke

Student: Kirsten Dietrich

Type of Project: Basic, Translational, Nutraceutical

Grant Type: Undergraduate

Year of Award: 2016

Supervisor: Dr. Fredrick Colbourne

Institutions: University of Alberta

Background: Hemorrhagic stroke is a devastating disease where blood vessels in the brain rupture and damage the neural tissue, part of which is through reactive oxidative species. The body has a number of antioxidants, which could combat this process and this project seeks to test the ability of a natural antioxidant N-acetylcysteine could be used to boost the body’s own antioxidant actions to reduce the impact of stroke.

Results: This project is currently underway

Implications: Success of this project could lead to clinical trials of N-acetylcysteine in humans to treat stroke.