What types of research themes or modalities are eligible for funding?


We support research under three broad themes or modalities  – Neutraceutical, Mind and Body, and Personalized Medicine:


1) Nutraceutical

This modality investigates the effects of nutrition and naturally occurring substances on the nervous system. Certain foods have nutrients that might be harmful or beneficial in certain conditions and such interventions can easily be adopted by patients

2) Mind and Body

This modality explores the relationship between psychology (mental functions and behaviour) and physiology (the functions and activities of living things). By taking advantage of certain principles it is possible to holistically promote the body’s natural healing processes for a variety of dysfunctions.

3) Personalized Medicine

This modality explores why and how treatment effectiveness (either traditional or neuroCAM) varies between individuals. It can then help health practitioners make informed decisions for individual cases. This often involves the development of novel assessment techniques sensitive to small changes in specific aspects of a disorder.