We have a new executive director!

Our new Executive Director, Jam Michael McDonald, is a storytelling and marketing pro! He has over a decade of experience in the innovation space and effecting change on both a national and international level. 


Branch Out is at a pivotal stage, with unlimited opportunities to reach new communities across Canada. In his new role, Jam brings a desire to amplify our message through showcasing our NeuroCAM research content, pursuing big ideas, and overall has tremendous enthusiasm for growth. The more our message is heard, the more impact-orientated research we can fund to promote brains at their best! 

"At the end of the day, I'm fulfilled by ensuring my work makes an impact," said Jam. "In this role, my efforts will be to help those affected by neurological disorders, enabling them to lead better lives." We think Jam will fit right in with our amazing community of Branchies who want to see NeuroCAM treatments go mainstream and create positive impact for neurological patients and those struggling with mental health conditions. 

We're thrilled to have an executive director to bring bold new energy to the foundation—the future of Branch Out looks brighter than ever!

Click here to read his official welcome message, and reach out and say hello at [email protected].