Exploring the Link Between Emotional Behaviours, Inflammation, and Endocanbinoid Signaling in a Mouse Model of Colitis

Students: Hailey Vecchiarelli

Type of project: Nutraceutical, Mind and Body, Basic, Translational

Grant Type: PhD

Year of Award: 2015

Supervisor: Dr. Mathew Hill

Institutions Affiliated: University of Calgary

Description: The endocanabinoid signaling system (what Cannabis has effects on) is involved in the generation and regulation of stress responses and emotional behaviours.  New evidence has suggested that it might have a role in inflammation as well, making it a potential therapeutic target for conditions such as colitis. This project seeks to explore endocanabinoid signalling as a mediator of stress behaviours and inflammation and evaluate the possibility of using cananinoids (both endogenous and exogenous) to treat the dysfunctions of these processes in a mouse model of colitis.