Glial Gal of the Month: Lisa Poole

We were first introduced to Lisa Poole in 2017.  She sat on our committee for Your Brain on Art and was instrumental in its success.  Since then, Lisa attended UNLIKE Minds, helped us obtained large grants and has been nothing but a tremendous support and advocate for Branch Out.

More than 13,000 people in Calgary have a dementia diagnosis, and those numbers are increasing rapidly.  After the personal experience with her father, Lisa founded Dementia Connections; a magazine packed full of useful information and resources for those living with dementia in Calgary.  Lisa's goal is to help other families avoid the unbelievable stress that her family experienced by providing information and tools that will help them better adjust to life with dementia. 

This woman truly walks the talk.  For making a difference in the community and for her never-ending support of Branch Out, Lisa Poole is our Glial Gal of the Month!