How long is the application process? What's involved?


The application process is simple, but it varies slightly for each of the different grants. We suggest you start at the Grant Infomation page. There you will find the latest deadlines and criteria. 

Regardless of which grant you are applying for you will need to:

  1. submit an online application;
  2. upload a digital copy of your transcript (at the end of the online application process); and
  3. have two academic references fill in a reference survey by the deadline. You and your references share the exact same deadline, so make sure they submit on time. 

The application should take approximately an hour or two to complete, provided you have the requisite materials like transcripts and reference contact information readily available.

We highly recommend that you answer the questions in a word processor first, and copy and paste them into the online form. Our form hasn’t had any errors yet, but if your browser crashes or you hit the back button you may lose all or part of your application. 

For more info check out the printable Grant Application Primer document. It includes a full list of the questions you'll be asked in the online application process and is a great place to start if you wish to answer within a word processor like Microsoft Word first.