If you have MS, turning off Google Maps Directions could help with Memory Problems

Robin Green and Asif Gilboa

Institution: U of T

Description: Through basic science research, we know that a brain region called the Hippocampus is very important for both navigating from point A to point B and memory. The Hippocampus is very sensitive to inflammation, which often results in memory problems in people with Multiple Sclerosis. This study is examining if exercising your Hippocampus through navigation games can improve memory abilities in people with MS. Using a Google Maps-like game, Dr. Green and Dr. Gilboa will also examine if there are changes in the brains of these patients to understand the healing process. Since inflammation in the Hippocampus is thought to contribute to mental health disorders like depression and dementias like Alzheimer’s Disease, this Google Maps intervention could possibly benefit people affected by those disorders as well.