July LEAFlet: Branchies Biking By the Barrel-Full!

Branchies Biking By the Barrel-Full!

400+ Branches rarin’ to go!

After another 364 days of planning, Branch Out Bike Tour 2016 went full out on June 18th. Over 400 participants, good riding weather and a whole bunch of awesome sponsors and partners made it the best year yet!

Together we raised nearly $200,000 for neuroCAM research! Woohoo! 

Click to help us reach $200,000 with a $5 donation

Some other highlights:

  • an incredible speech from the Indiana Jones of hypoxia research, Dr. Jeffrey Dunn
  • Mario, Luigi and Bowser showed up to ride!
  • the rowdiest dance floor in 6 years, which can be summed up with “one more song!”
  • a pair of Tesla Model S cruising around for bike support
  • addition of our 70km “bonk stop” with delicious kombucha and candy
  • safe and awesome riding all day!

Interested in finding out where those funds will end up? Check it out, HERE.

Pics of all the incredible events and shenanigans? They’re available HERE

Only 346 more days until BOBT 2017! Bigger and Better! See you all there!


The Best Office Event You’ve Never Heard Of

The brain bustin’ in this challenge is palpable.

Team building events changed forever after we went to an escape room and someone from finance started hyperventilating because he got claustrophobic. Thankfully Branch Out has a super fun office team builder that can take place in large, airy rooms with easily accessible exits. It’s called the Branch Out Brain Buster Challenge and it’s the raddest team-building trivia challenge you can think of.

One of our very own Branch Out neuroscientists will come to your office and run you and your colleagues through a series of brain busting challenges, all while raising money for Branch Out.

Fun, philanthropic trivia challenge? Well that’s a no-brainer!




Glial Gal of the Month: Nikita Burke

Well guess what, Nikita? We think you’re neat!

Not to be confused with the equally cool Nikita from the 1997 Canadian TV series La Femme Nikita, Nikita Burke is one incredible woman.

Currently we have her on loan from Ireland, where she started her laundry list of degrees, research and general brilliance at the National University of Ireland in Galway. Now pursuing pursuing a postdoc at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Nikita is focusing on paediatric pain, inflammation and opioids in animal models.

Nikita is also the brain behind the Branch Out Brain Buster Challenge and is working hard as an organizer of the 5th annual Neuron Night (info coming soon).

For fitting in an amazing amount of volunteerism, creativity and effort around postdoctoral studies, Nikita Burke is our Glial Gal of the month!



Last Month's Brainwave

This country spends nearly 1.4 billion CAD on bicycles each year and is the number 1 ranked country for bicycles per capita. Which country is it? 

a)    Japan
b)    Sweden
c)    Denmark
d)   Netherlands

Congrats to Angela Coombes for correctly guessing d) Netherlands! Angela, your esoteric knowledge of per capita stats is impressive and astonishing.

P.S. You also win a Neurons are Neat card. Way to go!



This Month's Brainwave

BRAINS! Brains are the theme of nearly every LEAFlet, so why not have a brain themed question?

Which of the following movies is actually fake?

a)    Creature with the Atom Brain
b)    When the Brains Attacked
c)    They Saved Hitler’s Brain
d)   Fiend Without a Face

P.S. Why do brain movies sound so scary? Branchies know brains are great!