June LEAFlet: It’s finally here!

#BranchyBikeTour is Finally Here!

Get Insta-famous. Use #BranchyBikeTour

Voorpret (Dutch) - Literally “pre-fun”. The sense of enjoyment we feel before an event actually takes places.

Thank you to the Dutch, creators of the microscope, owners of Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus in SW Calgary, and originators of the perfect word for heading into Branch Out Bike Tour. There’s over 400 participants voopreting all over the place with 11 days left to go to the big day! Get ready for an awesome celebration, costumes, food, dancing, partying, and a fantastic day of bike riding.

We’ve raised over $80,000 already, let’s try and blow that up over the next week and a half!


Quintessential Canadian Research, Eh?

Dr. Doan is making strides on ice and in the lab…. which is also on the ice. Lots of strides, regardless.

When it comes to scientific research, University of Lethbridge professor Dr. Jon Doan’s work is about as Canadian as maple syrup. He’s examining the positive effects of skating on people with Parkinson’s disease and he’s finding some really cool results

Branch Out has been lucky enough to fund one of Dr. Doan’s undergraduate researchers and also have him out for our Branch Out Snowshoe Tour!
Ice hockey as a therapy for people with Parkinson’s! Who knew?



The New King of the United Kingdom

Paul Andrew taking Branch Out Global!

With a charming accent, incredible physical endurance, big heart (physiologically and metaphorically), Paul Andrew is a pretty jolly ol’ Brit! He’s also an ardent Branch Out supporter, donating his time to the cause, no matter what continent he’s living on!

Last LEAFlet, we reported that Paul was starting a 1600km trek from the south tip of Great Britain to the north, and we’re happy to say it was a complete success! Not only did he complete the trek, he also raised nearly $2000 for Branch Out. Here’s a quote from King Paul himself:
"After 1020 miles I look like Grizzly Adams and brain isn't functioning at normal speed, very tired!

We are really pleased to complete it, great adventure, we focussed on positivity and it was amazing what we could achieve…
Don`t get me wrong the body was battered and bruised but mentally we stayed strong.”

And you can check out a video entry to Branch Out right here!


Glial Gals of the Month: Mandy Ediger and Aryn Flette

The original power couple. Here’s Mandy & Aryn manning a Branch Out Bike Tour booth back in 2012.

For every item, action and word that you experience during the Branch Out Bike Tour, you can bet a volunteer had something to do with it. So you can also imagine that it requires quite a person to keep all those volunteers in line! At the bike tour, we’re lucky enough to have two of them!

Mandy & Aryn started volunteering with Branch Out 5 years ago by setting up and running one of the rest stops. Now, they’re the Bike Tour volunteer coordinators and sit on the Bike Tour committee (for the second year in a row)!

Both are rising stars in the corporate world at Crescent Point and they bring the same pragmatic, detail-oriented hard work to Branch Out. They are incredible schedulers, managers, organizers and supporters and we can’t say enough, how much we appreciate them!

For being dedicated, supportive and incredibly hardworking, Mandy & Aryn are our Glials Gals of the Month!



Last Month's Brainwave

How many people participated in the world’s largest spin class in Sydney, Australia last year? (No Googling :))

a)    176
b)    283
c)    444
d)   671

Congrats to Danielle Torrie for correctly guessing B)! Danielle, if you ever want to organize a 284 person spin class, we’re there.
P.S. You also with a Neurons are Neat card. Way to go!



This Month's Brainwave

It seems we touched on a whole bunch of different countries this LEAFlet so let’s keep it going with a worldly Brainwave!

This country spends nearly 1.4 billion CAD on bicycles each year and is the number 1 ranked country for bicycles per capita. Which country is it? 

a)    Japan
b)    Sweden
c)    Denmark
d)   Netherlands