The Effect of a Ketogenic Diet in Infantile Epilepsy

Type of project: Translational, Nutraceutical

Principal Investigator: Dr. Morris H. Scantlebury

Institutions Affiliated: University of Calgary

Student: Patricia Bacus (UGRAD)

Awards funded to project: 1

Background: Infantile epilepsy can be devastating for early development and produce life-long impairments. Current treatments are pharmacologically based and in themselves can be harmful to early development if they are even effective. Anecdotally a ketogenic diet ( high fat, low carbohydrate and normal protein) has aided in mitigating the effects of infantile epilepsy. This project seeks to explore these claims in a rat model of epilepsy and identify what aspect of a ketogenic diet is responsible for the improvements.

Findings: Awaiting final report

Implications: Awaiting final report