The Challenge

1 in 3 Canadians is directly impacted by a neurological disorder. With over 600 different types of brain abnormalities, there is both a desire and need for alternative and non-pharmaceutical treatments.

Our Vision

Accelerating neuroscience for brains at their best.

Our Values


For individuals and families impacted by neurological disorders.


To new ideas, research, partnerships, and opportunities.


We aim to push the status quo and lead the way for innovation and alternative solutions to neurological disorders.  


To our cause, each other, researchers, volunteers, staff members, supporters, and sponsors.

Our Mission

Accelerate tech and non-pharma solutions to neurological disorders by:

  • Filling the Research Funding Gap
  • Ensuring Scientific Validity
  • Inspiring an entrepreneurial Culture in research and academia
  • Speed Up Pace it takes Ideas to make clinical impact
  • Attract a Critical Mass of Experts across industries, focused on neuro-tech and non-pharma approaches to neurological disorders. 

Idea to Impact (i2i) Framework

Branch Out developed the Idea to Impact (i2i) Framework.  This model was designed to capture one simple goal: provide structure to a complex set of interconnected activities.  

The i2i Framework is used to organize the stages and address the common barriers along the path towards developing alternative treatments to neurological conditions.  Branch Out’s program initiatives are built on the foundations of this model.

C4 = Culture, Collaboration, Communication & Creativity