March LEAFlet: Snowshoe Results Are In, Branchies Are Generous!

B.O.S.S (Branch Out SnowShoe tour) Just Happened! 

Tour Organizer Marcus Henry (left) and Branch Out Executive Director Crystal Phillips gave 20 high-kicks to neurological disorders!

They all exclaimed, “can you snowshoe when there’s no snow?!”

Branch Out replied, “gimme those Yaktrax and watch what I do with ‘em!”

And a great time was had. What kind of great time? The kind that sees 150 participants and volunteers out in West Bragg Creek enjoying gorgeous weather, great exercise, delicious food and RAISING OVER $50,000! Now that’s something to ‘Bragg’ about. See what I did there? ;)

A few awards have to be handed out:

  • Top Team Fundraiser: Team INLIV(link here crushed it! $20,505 in donations and the best after-party dancers!
  • Top Individual Fundraiser: Paula Blackmore-White $2,013
  • Top Volunteer & Top Pizza Delivery Boy: Alex Janssens
  • Above and Beyond Award: Redwood Meadows Emergency Services

Big thank you’s to all participants, volunteers, sponsors and supporters! Can’t wait to come back next year with an even bigger and better event! 

B.O.B (Branch Out Bike tour) Just Happening!


BOBman starts building his participant list TODAY!

You better have a paper bag in your hand because this news is so exciting it might make you hyperventilate. Seriously, go get one. I’ll wait…

Okay, great! Ahem….. BRANCH OUT BIKE TOUR REGISTRATION OPENS TODAY! This year we’re making it even bigger and better! 500 riders, more prizes, more awards, more cowbell!

Last year it sold out in just 10 days and this year we’re expecting spots to go quicker than a chicken on a junebug. Please register online soon, so you don’t miss out!

Extra Advanced Grants Available Here!


If the Eye of Sauron was a neuron.


Q: What did the doctor say when he walked into a post?

A: Thanks Branch Out!

That’s because Branch Out is teaming up with Campus Alberta Neuroscience to offer its first ever Post Doc grant! Get it now?

A Post Doctorate is the research a scientist will perform after they’ve done a PhD. High level stuff! Even Campus Alberta Neuroscience President, Grant McIntryre is excited, “Campus Alberta Neuroscience is pleased to work with Branch Out to increase the capacity for rigorous neuroscience investigations into neuroCAM across Alberta’s universities.” 

Glial Gal: Angie Coombes 

Angie C has a future as bright as her smile!


Why be good at one thing when you can be good at a whole bunch of things? That’s what Angie Coombes (link: must have thought on her way to becoming a neuroscientist, singer-songwriter, musician and designer.

Angie earned this month’s Glial Gal award by creating a brainwave-controlled LED dress for the MakeFashion Wearable Technology Gala (Link: held at the Telus Spark Centre on April 2nd. No big deal.

She’s also pledged to donate proceeds from her fashion piece (called “Musethereal”) and her upcoming debut single “City in the Sky” to the Branch Out Neurological Foundation and neuroCAM awareness.

For putting neuro-fashion at the front of mind and being a proud partner of Branch Out, Angie Coombs is this month’s Glial Gal!

Monthly Brainwave

Last month’s Brainwaves winner was Julie Morrison. She correctly guessed c) The Snowshoe Caper

This Month’s BrainWave: 

In honour of Branch Out Bike tour registration opening, here is a question about cycling. Which of the following statements is NOT true: 

a)    2012 Olympic bronze medalist and 2011 track cycling omnium World Champion Tara Whitten is also a PhD neuroscientist at the University of Alberta
b)    “Keirin” is a track cycling event that utilizes a motorized bike to bump the last place rider off the track
c)    Dunlop tires were invented in the 1800’s by a veterinarian
d)   Cyclist and speed skater Clara Hughes is the only athlete to win multiple medals in both the summer and winter Olympic Games.