Mathison Misfits

Tu-tu-tutu-tutu-tutu-tutu-tu-tu! – OK, we’re ridiculous, but we didn’t get hit by a car riding for brains this weekend in Panorama BC!


The rainbow tutus were a hit, with many folks requesting pictures, inquiring as to why we were riding bikes in tutus, and this of course led to conversations about neuroscience research. Rose, Kim and Cynthia are Mathison Trainees in Frank MacMaster’s research lab working in pediatric neuroscience research, in the fields of Depression, ADHD, OCD and Tourette’s Syndrome. Passionate about the work we do, we’re always happy to discuss neuroscience research. In fact, watching Kim enthusiastically discuss the importance of her master’s work in pediatric OCD neuroimaging and genetics research at the evening gala, while a live band was playing and half the room was dancing, was a particular highlight because it really emphasized how interested attendees were in the work we do. Crystal Phillips, the CEO of BranchOut, gave Frank a shout-out at the gala dinner for his work using TMS in Pediatric Depression and Tourette’s Syndrome, which set us up perfectly to discuss our work post-dinner.


The BranchOut Bike tour has about 70% retention of amazing people who return every year to bike for brains – talk about inspiration! In the past eight years, the Bike Tour alone has raised over two-million dollars to support neuroscience research, funding over 52 research projects from undergraduate to principle investigators. The foundation works hard to advocate for ‘brains at their best’, a movement the Mathison Misfits feel proud to be a part of. In fact, if you’re an awesome neuro-person excited to promote neuroscience research and you’d like to join our team for June 2019, we’d love to have you! You can email Rose at [email protected]


Huge thank-you to the Mathison Centre and the Department of Psychiatry for sponsoring us to participate in the BranchOut Bike Tour for a second year. Many scientists may be slightly introverted, preferring to hide behind the scenes to discover breakthroughs, but being available to discuss our work is an important role that can be a lot of fun when the folks you speak with are really excited to discuss neuroscience research. Thanks for all of the support Branchies!


- The Mathison Misfits