MayLEAFlet: The Second Best Bike Tour Ever & Spring Buds!

Climbing for a Cause (Again!)

Apparently Crystal used to skip art class to go run hills

2190 days. That looks even longer when you write it out: two thousand one hundred and ninety days. It’s a long time. It’s also how long Executive Director and Branch Out co-founder Crystal Phillips has been drug and MS relapse free! Wooooo!

To celebrate the milestone, we’re going to run, walk or crawl up Edworthy Hill this Thursday, May 5th at 6:30am. Fratello coffee and cookies provided! See you out there!

Spring Has Sprung. Nice to Have Buds Like ATB!

It’s the second best bike tour we know of! ;)

Charity of choice? Us? Well… I never. Oh no, thank you, we’d love to. Gosh, it’s an honour with a capital ‘H’ really. Thank you.”

That was our humble acceptance speech as the well known ATB Gran Fondo Highwood Pass  selected Branch Out to be their partner in the upcoming ride! $5 from each registration to the ride will go to Branch Out. How neat is that? That’s pretty neat!

Branch Out believe deeply in our saying “brains at their best” and it just makes perfect sense that we’d partner with a company whose acronym stands for “At Their Best.” And no, I don’t want to know if that’s not true, it fits too well.

Another Great Bud Bursting For Branch Out

Ride or Die! Power Partners 4 Life!

Peloton Cycling has been a partner and best friend of Branch Out for as long as they’ve been the best spin studio in the city! Time’s been flying by and now, like a young tricycle growing into an adult bicycle, Peloton is getting old! 4 years old to be exact!

This Friday, May 6th, you’re invited to Scarboro Community Assocation (1727 14 Ave SW) to give a toast to Peloton’s 4th Anniversary. Appies and entertainment provided and portions of the proceeds will go to Branch Out.

Come out and thank Peloton for all the sponsorships, spin classes and support over 4 incredible years! Get your tickets here.



Bloke Branches Out Across Britain

Paul Andrew plans to bike across Great Britain, lengthwise! He’ll need a steady diet of bubble and squeak for that undertaking.

Two days ago, Paul Andrew started a 1600km bike ride across Great Britain to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK and Branch Out! Paul and his partner plan to ride 200km a day, with no vehicle support, and be done in time for tea this Sunday! Check out his blog post on the Branch Out site.

If you’d like to pass on some words of encouragement, shoot Paul an email at [email protected].


Glial Guys of the Month

Dr. Kieran Cooley and Dr. Chris Knee - Our first co-Glial Guys have a lot to smile about!

The Legion of Superheroes was a popular kids TV show that went off air about 10 years ago. The cast disappeared, shrouding themselves in anonymity…. until now! Those same superheroes that used to save the world now make up Branch Out’s Scientific Review Panel (SRP).

Two of those members are naturopathic doctors Kieren Cooley and Chris Knee. Both have a tremendous interest in evidence-based naturopathic medicine and both spend many hours reviewing and analyzing research submitted to Branch Out’s grant process.

Two super guys that give a super effort to Branch Out? That's well deserving of this month’s Glial Guy award!


Last Month's Brainwave

In honour of the Calgary Corporate Challenge Cribbage Tournament in support of Branch Out, here is a question about cribbage. Which of the following statements is NOT true:

a)    It’s impossible to score “15” in a hand of cribbage
b)    The most possible points in a hand is 29
c)    The player who deals first wins 55 - 60% of the time
d)   Any hand that contains a 5 will score at least 2 points

Congrats to Carli Tyson for correctly guessing 'C'! She’s a multiple winner of the BrainWave and possibly one of the only readers that scrolls down this far! Thanks for guessing Carli!

This Month's Brainwave

As a nod to Peloton Cycling’s 4th anniversary and their ongoing Thursday night $5 spin classes for Branch Out (8pm - come out, it’s awesome) this month’s question is about spin:

How many people participated in the world’s largest spin class in Sydney, Australia last year? No Googling :)

a)    176
b)    283
c)    444
d)   671