NeuroNexus: For Brain Science & Mental Health

NeuroNexus is a Calgary-based, multidisciplinary hackathon program that aims to: Bridge gaps between disciplines, facilitate innovation, and accelerate research and its translation to impact.

Propose a challenge, participate as an innovator, or come watch the pitches and innovative solutions!

5-7 team members, 6 weeks, 72-hour hackaton.

Branch Out is honoured and excited to sponsor the first annual, NeuronNexus!

Understanding, diagnosing and treating neurological and mental health conditions are complex challenges that require attention and collaboration across traditional disciplinary divides.

Projects are invited from neuroscientists, clinicians, and mental health professionals.

120-150 participants, from a multitude of backgrounds, will then come together in teams of 5-7 individuals to work on the projects proposed over a period of 6 weeks. The program will culminate in a 72-hour hackathon weekend where access to prototyping resources are provided, and at Demo Night teams will showcase their projects to the community at large.

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We need technically proficient individuals to address these real-world challenges in brain science and mental health.  During the program, you will:

  • work with a multidisciplinary team and one of our ‘challenge champions’,

  • address a specific problem that interests you,

  • apply your knowledge and learn new skills,

  • collaborate with individuals outside your field,

  • work towards potential commercial or academic impact.


How it Works:


Challenges are welcome from scientists and clinicians that focus on brain science and/or neurological disorders, and mental health professionals. Challenge champions will work with a multidisciplinary technical team to address the specific problem in brain science and mental health that you propose. You’ll guide a team of skilled individuals towards the development of a functional prototype with a potential publication or commercial opportunity. Projects should fall under one of four classifications:


Research bottleneck: Address challenges to collecting and analyzing data in your research through the development of novel hardware or software tools.


Model Building: Make sense of your data with mathematical approaches.


Development from Discovery: Leverage your knowledge of brain science to develop a novel diagnostic tool or therapeutic with a team of engineers and business professionals.


Point of Care: Improve patient experience by addressing challenges faced in your practice, or barriers to scaling in industry.


To apply or learn more, visit