NeuroPoint Rewards


Want to learn more about how to boost your NeuroPoints? It's easy. For each action you take to engage with us or encourage others to do the same, you'll gain points.
Recruitment Bonus You can use your recruitment link whenever you post about Branch Out online. By doing so you'll gain 5 points for each person that clicks on the link and signs up based on your referral! +5np
Old Timer Bonus If we've imported you from our past system or mailing lists (from before the new site) you'll get an instant 5 points for being awesome. +5np
Survey Question Response Rack up points for every survey question you complete. Sometimes there will even be mega bonus rewards for completion of surveys, so keep your eyes peeled. +0.25np
Match Facebook Make sure you link your Facebook account on your Branchy account settings page and you'll gain 3 points and be eligible for more everytime you like our Facebook posts. If you are already following us on Facebook you may have already unlocked this reward. +3np
Facebook Post Gain 3 points if you post to our Facebook page. +3np
Facebook Post Like Gain a point every time you like a Branch Out Foundation Facebook post. +1np
Match Twitter Link your Twitter account on your Branchy account settings page and earn 3 points. If you are already following us on Twitter you may have already unlocked this reward. +3np
Tweet Include @BranchOutNF in your tweets and gain 2 points. +2np
Twitter Follower Follow us on Twitter @BranchOutNF for 5 points. +5np
Twitter Unfollow Unfollow us on Twitter @BranchOutNF and we'll take those 5 points back because we're mean like that. -5np
Retweet If we retweet one of your tweets from a linked Twitter account you'll gain 2np! +2np
Retweet Broadcast Every time you retweet one of our tweets you'll earn a solid 2 neuro points. +2np
Fundraiser Bonus Sign up to become a fundraiser. You'll be able set fundraising goals on your profile page and have people donate on your behalf. Best part? Each time somebody donates on your behalf you'll get more points! +5np
Donation Gain 10 neuropoints everytime you make a donation. +10np
Donation Cancel Points will automatically be removed if donation is canceled. -10np
Donation Raised Gain 10 neuropoints everytime somebody donates on your behalf. +10np
Monthly Donor Membership Bonus Become a Glial Monthly Donor for a year and get 10 points. +10np
Monthly Donor Membership Canceled We'll claw back those precious neuro points if you cancel a membership before the end of term. Sorry! -10np
Monthly Donor Membership Renewal Receive another 10 points for renewing a Glial Monthly Donor Membership. +10np
Pledge Make a donation pledge during pledge campaigns and receive 4 points. +4np
Pledge Cancel Cancel a pledge and lose 4 points. -4np
Volunteer Signup Signup to be a volunteer to gain 5 points. +5np
Volunteer Quit Quit being a volunteer and we'll take the 5 points back. :P -5np
Volunteer Role Signup Use the check boxes to indicate a specific volunteer role on the volunteer signup page for 2 bonus points. +2np
Volunteer Role Quit Lose 2 points if you quit a specific volunteer role. -2np
Email Opt In Earn an easy 10 points by opting in to receive emails. +10np
Email Opt Out Lose 10 points if you opt out of receiving emails. -10np
Text Message Subscribe If you opted in to recieve text messages from us you'll get 5 points. If you haven't go to your account settings page and opt in now. +5np
Text Message Unsubscribe Lose 5 points for unsubscribing from text messages. -5np
Rule Violation 1 Break rules, lose points. Break enough and you'll get banned. First violation will knock of 10% of your neuropoints. -3np -10%
Rule Violation 2 Don't be a meany. Three strikes and your out. Second rule violation will knock of 50% of your neuropoints. -3np -50%
Banned Lose all neuro points if you get banned from the site for breaking the rules. -100%