November LEAFlet: Brilliant Branchies Win Big!

Neuron Night Knowledge Translation Winners! 

Branch Out’s annual Neuron Night is an evening for our grant recipients to show off their research to us non-scientists. This year, the challenge was to explain smart science in words even us laypeople can understand – we called it a “Neuron Night Knowledge Translation Contest.”

Over 150 attendees got to judge neuroCAM scientists on their research AND their ability to explain it. BIG Congrats to the top three neuroCAM scientists!

1st Place – Erik Fraunberger
Master’s student from University of Calgary researching the effect of Black Tea Extracts in Traumatic Brain Injury.

2nd Place – Kyle Mayr
Master’s student from University of Calgary researching The Effect of a Ketogentic Diet to Manage Neuropathic Pain in Spinal Cord Injury.

3rd Place – Manuela Schuetze
PhD student from University of Calgary researching the effect of transcranial direct current stimulation on reward learning in Autism.


Snowshoe Tour?! Mead You There!

There’s no better event in the year to show off a cute toque.

Since ski ballet was removed from formal competition in 2000, winter sports have pretty much been stagnant – until now. Snowshoeing has made the transition from grisly ol’ trapper territory to awesome winter pastime!

Branch Out’s 3rd Annual Snowshoe Tour is a go and registration is now OPEN! We’re super excited to be hosting at Fallentimber Meadery this year. Snowshoes and mead... we’re gonna party like it’s 1899!

BOSS (Branch Out SnowShoe) is a great way to enjoy a Calgary winter! Bring your friends, bring your kids, bring your dog!

Register for BOSS right now!


50mph Branch Out Bike Tour

Apologies to anyone born 1990 or later who doesn't get this reference!

I’ll tell you what you’re NOT doing on June 17th: binge watching 13 episodes of Walking Dead on Netflix until 2am while eating an entire pack of those delicious chocolate-dipped digestive cookies then feeling crippling guilt about wasting one of your precious Saturdays.

That was last weekend. We’re talking about June 17th weekend.

And on that weekend, you’re in the Branch Out Bike Tour! Registration is now open and over 50 people are already signed up and fundraising! Get yourself signed up and get motivated to train!

Register for the Bike Tour right now!


Glial Gal of the Month: Jordan Domoslai

As positive as the bumpy end of a battery with hair like a unicorn mane.

If Lois Lowry had written a book called The Giver about Jordan Domoslai, it would have been just as popular as her actual book, The Giver. That’s because she’s one of those people with infectious joy and enthusiasm who you just want to know more about.

Jordan is the receptionist at Assembly Co-Working Space (Branch Out’s HQ) and is constantly spreading news and updates about Branch Out to the rest of her co-working friends. She’s an ambassador for Branch Out who has a knack for getting people interested in our events.

Not only that, she continues to support Branch Out off-duty at the Snowshoe Tour and Neuron Night!

For being a cheery, positive voice for Branch Out (and a great volunteer), Jordan is our Glial Gal of The Month!


Last Month's Brainwave

In recognition of the changing colours of the leaves, let’s do a topical brainwave:

Chlorophyll turns a tree leaf green and carotenoids make a leaf appear yellow, orange or brown, but what pigment makes a leaf appear red or purple?

Hint: our mystery pigment helps get sugar from the leaf to the tree, even in cooler weather.

Congrats to Fazeela Mulji for correctly answering anthocyanin!

P.S. You also win a Neurons are Neat card. Way to go!


November's Brainwave

Last weekend we held the 5th Annual Neuron Night. It’s an evening for our neuroscientist grant recipients to explain their research to regular people who don’t know a triglyceride from Bush’s 1994 power-ballad, “Glycerine”.

We learned a lot at the event, including the answer to this Brainwave:

A ketogenic diet is made up of foods high in which macronutrient?

a) Protein
b) Fat
c) Carbohydrates
d) Water