October LEAFlet: Beer, Brains & Bikes — BOO YAH!

Autumn’s Amber Ale!

The charity that got its start thanks to a beer now gets a beer of its own!

Two more sleeps until your lips can be baptized by the sweet nectar of Branch Out’s very own beer! That’s right! This Thursday between 6-10 p.m., head down to Last Best Brewing & Distilling and bathe your tastebuds in a wonderful amber ale that would make Dionysus himself pass on wine. One dollar from each sale will go to Branch Out – all the way until 2020! (Drinking beer for charity – it’s really happening).


Neuron Night: Laypeople, Rejoice!

The night when science is the star!

Did calculus make you not want to exist? Did the periodic table give you cramps? Statistics make you feel insignificant? Well, don’t worry. At Neuron Night, all our neurostar scientists are in a Knowledge Translation Competition! We challenge Branch Out grant recipients to communicate their research in novel and easy-to-understand ways!

And the best part? YOU get to be the judge! Did a puppet show about the Krebs Cycle finally click in your brain? Or anime about mitochondria? At Neuron Night, you get to vote for your favourite. Thousands of dollars are up for grabs!

On October 28th, be a part of the (action) potential! It's FREE to attend!

RSVP for Neuron Night RIGHT NOW!


Branch Out Bike Tour Makes an Early Entrance

On your mark... Get set... Register!

Showing up early to casual events like Halo game releases, Harry Potter book releases, Tegan & Sara concerts… all cool. But nothing is cooler than registering early for the Branch Out Bike Tour. Nothing.

That’s why we’re opening it a full three months early this year! Tell your friends, tell your neighbours — because you don’t want to miss your spot. On October 7th registration opens at BranchOutFoundation.com.


The Best Little Store on the Internet

There are so many awesome items to browse through on our website!

Grab the coolest cycling gear, most hilarious neuro-themed greeting cards and all the retro Branch Out gear you forgot to purchase at our past events. Check us out here: https://shop.branchoutfoundation.com.


Glial Guy of the Month: Phil Brian

Legend has it a small snip of Brewmaster Phil’s auburn beard gives the Branchy Brew it’s red colour! (just a legend though, no actual hair was involved in the brewing of the beer).

Phil Brian is a mad scientist from outer space sent down to Alberta to create incredible stuff. Not only did he invent the Branchy Brew recipe, he’s also the operations manager of Last Best and its three sister breweries in Banff, Jasper and Fort McMurray.

Ok. So he’s not really a mad scientist from outer space, but he does have a background in chemistry and engineering and he’s from Australia… so pretty close.

And he does create other incredible stuff, like his own road bike that he rode 100km at the 2016 Branch Out Bike Tour!

For being an incredible inventor who always has one beer hand and one helping hand, Phil Brian is our Glial Guy of the month!


Last Month's Brainwave

A nod to one of the most famous neurology cases of all time. It was September 1848 when a railroad worker was injured in a work accident. An iron bar passed through his jaw and out the top of his skull. He survived and went on to live a fairly normal life. What was his name?

Congrats to Nicole Schmidt who correctly guessed Phineas Gage!


October’s Brainwave

In honour of the changing colours of the leaves, let’s do a topical brainwave:

Chlorophyll turns a tree leaf green, and carotenoids make a leaf appear yellow, orange or brown, but what pigment makes a leaf appear red or purple?

Hint: our mystery pigment helps to get sugar from the leaf to the tree, even in cooler weather.