July LEAFlet: It's Getting Hot in Here

Bike Tour Hangover

The filter on this picture is called “face-melting fun” 

Little confession; we’ve got a pretty severe case of Bike Tour Hangover. Great thing about it, it’s the exact opposite of a real hangover. Instead of nausea, we’ve got the delicious taste of TriPow in the mouth; instead of a headache, we’ve got memories of laughing at costumed riders; instead of feeling anxious, we feel exhilarated about raising funds; and instead of achy muscles… well, we’ve still got those. But regardless, what a ride! What a party! What a Bike Tour! 

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June LEAFlet: We're too excited to sleep!

Final Countdown to Bike Tour

Polite pedal-pushers patiently pause prior to downhill plunge! 

Uhhhh, guys? We’re 11 frickin’ sleeps away from 2017 Branch Out Bike Tour! Holy h-e-double hockey stick!

Sorry for the profanity, I’m just excited because there is some Corey-Hart-level-cool stuff this year!

It’s not too late to participate! Ride, volunteer, or even just attend the banquet to get a look at a silent auction that would make Charlie Chaplin shout out.

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May LEAFlet: Bike Tour Crunch Time!

Bike Tour Reward System, Not Just Fitness


Like your brain? Prove it by raising funds for this sick bucket!

Remember when it wasn’t cool to wear a helmet? Mom would make you take one with you and you’d rather let it hang off your handlebars then be caught wearing it? Sure as heck weren’t about to mess up your middle part with frosted tips!

Well if you could go back in time and hand out one of these bad-boy Giro helmets, Mom would’ve never had to lecture you… they are that cool.

Best part is, you get one of these when you raise $1000! That’s right! All bike tour registrants that raise $1000 get a 2017 Giro Foray helmet!

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Alzheimers turns loved ones into strangers


April 2017 LEAFlet:

CBC Spotlight on Crystal Phillips


CBC with some real, quality programming (maybe we’re biased a bit)

In honour of our country’s 150th birthday, the CBC is celebrating the next generation of Canada’s change-makers through their prime-time documentary series, We Are Canada. And wouldn’t you know it, our very own executive director Crystal Phillips has been named one of just a few from across the country! A huge honour!

Starting April 9th, We Are Canada profiles three Canadians each week. You can catch Crystal’s story on April 16th, Easter Sunday! Great time to gather the family and see how Crystal and other passionate Canadians are leading Canada into the next 150 years.

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