Pitching For Change


Fast Pitch Calgary Finalists prepping for their 3 minute Speech!

For the past two months the Branch Out Neurological Foundation has been a part of a spectacular program called Fast Pitch Calgary. No, not a sporting event, although just as competitive and making waves across the non-profit community!

The event is put on by Social Venture Partners Calgary, a group dedicated to bringing together individuals interested in philanthropy and social change within Calgary…best karma ever!?

I know I know, What is Fast Pitch it already!!

Fast Pitch is a two-month program, which consists of training and mentoring for innovative non-profits that are effecting social change in Calgary.

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Olympic Skier Branching Out


Do you love skiing and snowboarding? Have you ever wanted the chance to ski/snowboard with Olympic athletes? If you said yes, (let’s face it, who wouldn’t?) then be sure to come and join Olympic Skier Brad Spence at scenic Panorama Village for the Peak to Valley Challenge! Being held on April 5, 2014 and organized by Brad himself, this event is an exciting one-day, downhill race in which competitors and their supporters are invited to participate and help make sense of neurological nonsense.

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Olympic Spirit

Welcome back!

The Winter Olympics are currently in full swing in Sochi and we hope all of you have had the chance to cheer on your fellow Canadians as they compete. Here at Branch Out we thought we’d get into the Olympic spirit and bring you a very exciting interview from former Olympic athlete Trevor White! Trevor is a retired ten-year veteran member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team who represented Canada in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. We recently got the chance to chat with Trevor about his connection to Branch Out and what motivates him as an athlete.


Hi Trevor! First off, we would love to hear why Branch Out’s cause is important to you?

First and foremost, Crystal Phillips and Graham Daw are both great friends. Having that personal attachment to the foundation is obviously a catalyst for my involvement. Secondly, I see how hard they work, how passionate they are about the foundation and their efforts to make change. Their inspiration makes Branch Out an important cause for many of us. 

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MRU Students Branching Out


We are Kurtis, Shae, Kelsey and Elizabeth and we are a team of public relations students currently in our third year at Mount Royal University. This semester we have the exciting opportunity to work with Branch Out Neurological Foundation, and we can’t wait to lend a helping hand for all of Branch Out’s PR needs. First of all, here’s a little more about our team, and why Branch Out’s cause is important to each of us:

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