We Fund Groundbreaking Research

We all have a brain.

That's why we believe in keeping brains at their best.  With your donations, we're funding world-class science that's getting us one step closer to a world free from neurological disorders. 

We're filling the research gap by exploring alternative options for brain health.    

To date, we've funded over 72 research projects, including Undergraduate, Master's, Ph.D. and Principal Investigators.  These projects are making strides and changing the way we look at the world's 600+ neurological disorders.  From music to the ketogenic diet to transmagnetic brain stimulation, we're changing the way we look at and treat the brain.  Check out some of the innovative projects we've funded below!

If you have questions about donation allocation or if your research project is eligible for funding, check out our Research FAQ Page to learn more.

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Research Projects Funded by Branch Out