Safety First!

The 2017 Branch Out Snowshoe Tour takes place on outdoor winter trails on the Fallentimber Meadery property.

  • Wear warm clothing! Prepare for wind and cold temperatures

  • Carry a small first aid kits for minor scrapes and injuries

  • Don’t forget your bear spray!

  • Report all wildlife sightings to a course marshall

  • Travel in groups - do not travel alone!

Volunteer staff with up to date First Aid/CPR training will be present on the day of the event along with 5-6 volunteer firefighters who are trained to handle emergency situations of all extremities.

Wildlife Encounters

Although it is the offseason from general bear activity, there is still the chance that participants may cross paths with a bear, in addition to other wildlife such as cougars, moose and elk.  If the directions below are followed, it will heighten the chances of a safe escape.

  • Remain calm.

  • Slowly reach for your bear spray and have it in hand in case of unexpected charge by the animal.

  • If children are present with your tour group, calmly bring them to an area of safety.

  • Keep well away. GIVE THEM THE SPACE THEY NEED.

  • Give the animal escape options.

  • If you encounter wildlife at close range, back away slowly preferably in the direction you came from. DO NOT RUN.

  • DO NOT try to pet, feed or pose for pictures with wildlife.

Please report all wildlife encounters and sightings to a course marshal!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If on the day of the event the temperature reaches -25 (including the wind chill) the Snowshoe Tour will be cancelled for the safety of all participants and volunteers.

If the decision is rendered to cancel the snowshoe tour after a portion of the participants have already started, you must stop immediately and seek the nearest volunteer to receive directions to the closest shelter. For these reasons, it is important that you stay alert during the tour.

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun snowshoe tour for all fitness levels and ages.

Download and print the waiver & liability release form here: