September LEAFlet: More Events Than You Could Shake A Branch At!

Branch Out Parties With The Calgary Flames!

It’ll be a slam dunk! I mean… it’ll be a home run! Shoot, umm... It’ll be a great goal!

I still rub elbows with a few champions from the 1998 Esso Minor Hockey Week, but that’s not going to be nearly as fun as PARTYING WITH THE CALGARY FLAMES!

That’s right, the Calgary Flames and Branch Out have partnered up for an incredible event, Putting MS on Ice. Hosted by the Flames Wives and Girlfriends (WAGs), it will be an evening of dancing, drinking and trying to look cool as Sean Monahan walks by.

It’s all happening December 17th at Flames Central. Tickets will be on sale soon, so follow us on Twitter for updates! And mark it in your calendar because you won’t want this one to slip through the five-hole! (sorry, had to).

Branch Out Gets Its Own Beer!

You guessed it! That’s a fine East Indian Rosewood table. You have a discerning eye for exotic wood, my friend!

Achievement Unlocked: Get a beer named after you.

Last Best Brewery and Distillery has supported Branch Out like a flying buttress. Now they’re going one step further by creating a beer just for Branch Out!

On October 6th from 6-11 p.m. head to Last Best to get the first tasting (and a behind the scenes look at the creation) of “Branchy Brew,” a warming amber ale brewed with red fife wheat. The beer will be on tap until 2020(!) and one dollar from each sale will go to Branch Out(!!!).


Mix & Mingle with Neuro Big Wigs!

Neuron my mind, Neuron Night! And already in my calendar, too!

Neuron Night is your chance to see how Branch Out is accelerating research in neuroscience. Rub shoulders with world-renowned neuroscientists, get the inside scoop on groundbreaking advancements from researchers you help fund, and share in the vision of Branch Out. It’s FREE to attend on Oct. 28, but only if you RSVP before the event:

RSVP for Neuron Night RIGHT NOW!

Glial Gal of the Month: Lindsay Skabar

If humanity ever invents a robot skilled enough to do everything Lindsay Skabar is capable of, we’ll never need another invention. When Lindsay’s multi-tasking, you spell it “mmulti-tasking”. The extra “m” is for “more.”

In one breath, try to say everything Lindsay is currently doing. Ready? Go! Lindsay is the new Branch Out Neurological Foundation Board of Directors Chair, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Axia (a fibre optic internet company), is a mother of three young children, and an extraordinary waffle maker who has served on the board of HIV Community Link for five years.

Not only that, the smile in her pic above? It’s genuine. She really, really, cares and is such a happy person!

For the countless ways in which she contributes to her community, for stepping up to chair Branch Out’s board and doing it all with enthusiasm, Lindsay Skabar is our Glial Gal of the month!


Last Month's Brainwave

Which of the following movies is actually fake?

a) Creature with the Atom Brain

b) When the Brains Attacked

c) They Saved Hitler’s Brain

d) Fiend Without A Face

Congrats to Rick Donaldson for correctly guessing b) When the Brains Attacked

P.S. You also win a Neurons are Neat card. Way to go!


September’s Brainwave

A nod to one of the most famous neurology cases of all time. It was September 1848 when a railroad worker was injured in a work accident. An iron bar passed through his jaw and out the top of his skull. He survived and went on to live a fairly normal life. What was his name?