Smart n Sporty - Meet Branch Out's new board member!

Sarah, the newest member of the Branch Out board, loves skating in circles as fast as she can, snowboarding in the park and getting active on the Branch Out Bike Tour. This enthusiasm, combined with her skills in strategic planning and execution, is really going to fire up some neurons!


“I will contribute to the Branch Out brand by developing and implementing both governance and efficient operating models, so we can drive value for our stakeholders.” -Sarah

Unfortunately for Sarah, this motivation to contribute to the Branch Out Foundation partially emerged from darker times. 

In 2006, Sarah was headed into her final World Cup season after over a decade of racing short track for the US national team. Gradually, she began to notice her body becoming sicker and sicker. She denied anything was wrong until she wound up in the Intensive Care Unit at the Foothills hospital, wondering if she would make it out alive.

“I thought my skating career...and life were both over.” -Sarah

Ulcerative Colitis, a chronic life-long disease with no cure, was the culprit.

Sarah claims the inspiring values Crystal Phillips founded the Branch Out Foundation upon helped her to improve from the disease, and get back to her circle spinning life-loving self again. She became more involved in the community and started sharing her story with both children and adults who were also living with Ulcerative Colitis.

“I became way less scared, gained many new friends and felt good about myself and my future again” –Sarah


 Taking positive collaborative action and helping others who also suffer from her disease made Sarah a stronger person. She finished her final world cup season with her best results ever, consisting of a top 5 individual finish and a relay bronze medal.

As a board member, Sarah now looks forward to The Branch Out Foundation bringing even more fun and inspiration to her life. 

“I give 100% on the Branch Out Bike Tour ride...and 200% on the party afterwards.”-Sarah